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PAX 2007: Destructoid came, saw, conquered

a brief review on my personal blog and a few photos: http://blowinthegameslot.com It was absolutely amazing to meet all of you and I loved every fucking second of it. Start planning now for Destructoid's 2 year birthday in March 2008!!!!


For people not attending PAX

I'm sitting at the airport and was just thinking about the people who I will not see at PAX this year. Nick, Husky, Leigh, Chad, DMV, Dyson, Lemon and so many more community people that I wanted to meet....it'll be a blast, but still, it wo...


This is the best plush toy ever made

Okay. What could possibly be a better housewarming gift than A set of plush crap and piss???? Oh wait, I guess I didn't read the entire website. Also available is the poo keychain: WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING?


Venting time, thanks to Second Life

Ok, I tried to stay open minded. That was destroyed as soon as I started trying to actually move around. When my character walks, it's like she has a stick jammed up her ass. I thought, ok, that's awkward, I'll change it to run. When she ru...


Cblogs breaking: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG

Actually, I'm kidding. But we are having some issues with community blogs, as I'm sure you guys have noticed how they are not showing up on the front page quite right. Niero knows and they will be worked on shortly, so please sit tight. Tha...


Wanna be on the front page of Dtoid, huh?

So here's the skinny on how to become a Dtoid editor. Start a Community blog. This is the quickest way to get your feet wet and become an active part of the Dtoid community. Get in there and rant, tell us about your favorite games, wh...


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Here is a list of things you should know about me:
I'm a female game/toy blogger living in New Orleans.
The NES is my favorite system of all time, closely followed by the PS2.
My DS is more or less glued to my person.
I can't resist playing Contra. Ever.
I think toys are the best solution to not wanting to grow up, and I have an always-growing collection of them, which is why I started Tomopop.
I require sushi for living.
I'm hopelessly addicted to Japanese dramas and skinny Japanese boys with awful hair.
I love wandering around used bookstores for hours.
I think about throwing rocks at people a lot.
I replay The Legend of Zelda about 5 times a year.
I read a lot.
I can't live without music.


This Pedro guy is pretty good.
[img]https://www.destructoid.com/elephant/ul/109316-noscale-pedo and me.jpg[/img]

And these RetroforceGo! people aren't so bad.

Actually, the people I work with are pretty freaking awesome in general.

Sometimes I put on costumes, too.

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