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Galactrix in relation to Conrad's post


So Conrad and I have been talking about Galactrix ( I wanted to review it with him but have too much on my hands right now, so had to pass), and he told me today that he intended to write this article about how he felt about the game. Which, in fact, was negative. I bought it for PC and haven't been able to spend much time with it, but after reading the article he wrote today about it, I decided to go and give it a solid hour of playtime and think about what he said while interacting with it.

I came away feeling sad. Kind of like that dog trapped in the sock you see up there.

My complaints aren't quite the same as is, but I came away feeling two things for sure: that having to do a puzzle to open every single leapgate tires out the concept and leaves it feeling like a pain in the ass, and that there' snot enough actual fighting against living opponents (such as ships) as I want there to be.

I've waited for this game for so long, and after playing the demo I was so sure I was going to relish every moment of it the way I did with the original. I'm not quite turned off enough to stop playing for good, but I do know that when I stopped playing tonight, it was because I had gotten so sick of hacking leapgates I didn't want to go on anymore.

Why, D3? Why isn't this the sequel it should be? :(
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