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Tearaway Unfolded (PS4) Review

Ah, the weird and wonderful world of console exclusives. They’re definitely here to stay too, much to the woe of anyone who doesn’t own a console that has…. certain exclusives… did that sound awkward? I’m trying not to o...


Sunburn (iOS, Android) Review

Sunburn (iOS) Review Hey everyone, Robert Smith (Coil_Whine) here with another cBlog for everyone! Sorry I always post these in the early morning hours, I was busy actually gaming, gawking at the huge Blizzard outside, and just recently w...


Just Cause 3 Impressions/Review

Just Cause 3 Impressions/Review KEPT YOU WAITING, HUH? Coil_Whine here. Wow, my last CBlog was in December of 2013. 761 days, to be exact. Without further ado, I present to y’all my most ambitious cBlog yet – Just Cause 3 Impressi...


I quit gaming today. Here's why.

Games are great. However, having a 'hobby' that consumes your life, wrecks your room, kills any social skills, ruins any functionality as a human, and all of the above isn't. So I cut gaming out of my life. I love all of you but I don't hav...


Top 10 iOS games that don't suck

[font=Verdana]I've had my iPad with Retina display for little over a year, and I learned a few things. 1. Apple sucks. 2. [email protected] it no matter what, it's worth it 3. MOST games on it are utter garbage. However, this blog isn't going to t...


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