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The Infinity Theory

  With the release of the Infinity War movie, there has been a major upswing on theories and confusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have a few things to share, both from the comic universe and the movie universe and I hope...


All good things: Cheating the Hackers.

I have been playing games for awhile now. I started in 80's with the NES and a 286 SX computer with a 4 mb Harddrive (cutting edge when we upgraded to the 386 SX processer). We all would have fun trying to customize Castle Wolfenstien ...


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I have been an avid gamer when the NES came into town. I have followed gaming news when AOL was the internet. I love any and all games that have a great story and gameplay. I have worked in the gaming industry and have managed a video game story (successfully I might add). I have been a personal blogger for 2 years now on the site in my profile.