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"So it Begins..." or "Thanks, Tupac"

When I was a kid, I had to wrestle around notions of honesty and what the truth really was. Especially because, as children, it seems we're more prone to just put it all out there and go there. For example, my brother's baseball coach once ...


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This is a really big box, which seems to be filled with expectations. Been a gamer since the early days of the NES. Loved the shit out of Mega Man Soccer on the SNES. Studied (American & Japanese) literature in college. Spend most of my time with my face in a book or my hands glued to a controller. These activities usually bring out my writerly hubris and make me Hulk the fuck up with words. This usually takes place over at this one website that happens to be mine, but fuck it, let's try it out here. Also, sea otters are some of the cutest things in the world. Did you know that mates hold hands while they sleep so they won't drift apart? Fact. YouTube that shit.