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Emotions and philosophy in games.

I'm now playing through Mass Effect for the third time and I'm asking myself far too much questions...

Why is it Ashley (the Aliens hater) doesn't change her behavior after the 50th time I tell her she's out of the line! Why until the end of the game Liara can't seem to understand human bahavior, and she's supposed to be far more intelligent than humans.

Also, I've gone through most situations in the game without finding the proper action that I wanted to do. I still feel restrained. There's something even that the game interprets some way, obsviously, not like I wanted it too.

**Spoiler** If I let the Council died at the End, it's not because I hate them, or that I just want to watch the world burn... It's because I believe in acceptable casualties, sacrifice for the better good and doing whatever it takes to complete my mission. But the game just doesn't get the difference and leaves me frustrated...

It's the good or bad decision I hate. Choices in life are much more complicated, and you don't fill up a Paragon bar every time you act bravely.

There's also no difference in your philosophy. If I believe I can break the law for the greater good, the game barely recognize that. If I hate private compagnies (like on Noveria) and don't respect them, the game tells me I'm bad... That's all!

Even with rascim towards alien races, the line is preatty well drawn. Weather you hate them or you want to make love to them. And there is NO reward, what so ever, to stay neutral.

I would like ( in future games) to be able to develop this. Why did I do certain actions, ideas I have that could be developped trought dialog with another caracter. You ask far too much questions in the game but you answer so few.

I would also like to developp real emotions (friendship or love), something that is more belivable at least with other caracters. Because, really, the choice of Ashley or Liara depends on your Paragon or Reneagade meters... lame!

Well, it's a subject talked about in many game like Fable II or Fallout III and even inFamous wich I'll probably talk about next time.
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