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Paper Nintendo DS

Hey unless I missed a post about this (in which case I'm sorry for reposting) I have to share this video I found on youtube while I was looking to kill time (my gf was watching America next top model). Well it's some dude that made this wi...


Dragon Quest, an overview

Castles, swords, knights, princess, dragons, kings, and epic quests are all elements that define RPGs in the medieval setting and are what best describes Dragon Quest. When someone talks about RPG the first thing that comes to most peopl...


Retro : Origin

Last night I was having a discussion with my mother about gaming and how it was from her point of view when I was a kid and one interesting thing came up that I didn't really recalled. Most of my childhood gaming memories are filled with ...


Today is Atlus day

Woo Woo, got 3 good things today. 1. Japanese import of Shin Megami Tensei 2 for super famicom 2. Cubivore for the gamecube 3. EBgames called me for Baroque So yeah my little collection of Atlus's game grew up today. However it means that...


Second language gaming

Seems like I have inspiration for posts today. Again today I was thinking about gaming and more about how I grew up as a gamer. More precisely how I grew up with french being my primary language and only learned english with the basic cou...


Atlus news : Under the knife 2

One of the first game on the DS and one of the greatest, trauma center is one of the game that really took advantage of the console and it's touch capabilitie. Now-a-day Trauma center is getting harder to find, I know for a fact that I ha...


ESRB : Violence in games and realism

Well today I was really bored, and I started thinking about the ESRB, how lame it is etc etc, then I wondered : which console has the biggest proportion of M+ rated games. Of course I knew that Nintendo is out, they've been known for bein...


not Emulators and Controllers

This post is for all the people that not emulate. I am sure that most of us have tried emulators and found that the keyboard makes for a very very bad controller and well the PC controllers are really bad too, bad buttons but especially bad...


Atlus new game : Operation Darkness

Being the little Atlus bitch that I am I had to post about this new game. Unfortunately (for me) or not for a lot of us, this new game is going to be release on the Xbox 360. The game is called Operation Darkness and is schedule for relea...


About Clydeone of us since 5:27 PM on 12.12.2007

Name : Collin
Country : french Canada
Job : Navy

1. I hate my job ;)
2. I want to open a video game store
3. I can live on poutine and beer for 2 weeks
4. Beside gaming, biking is my #2 passion

Consoles I owned : NES, SNES, PS2, GC, GB, GBC, GBA, DS
Consoles I want to get : Dreamcast, PS3 and I'm feeling tempted into getting a 360

Games I like : too many to list, but mostly retro, 2D platformers, FPS with a story line (hate Halo), the odd RPG.

Games I don't like : Sports, most FPS.

Worthy accomplishments : finished Ninja gaiden 2, TMNT (NES) without game genie. Ikaruga, and discovered possibly everything in FFVI

Consoles I hate : anything Sega except Dreamcast, Xbox and Xbox 360 for crappy hardware and cause it's Microsoft.

Games I hate : Mario 64, Zelda games in 3D, all FF after VI, Halo (I miss the Marathon serie)

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