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Inspiration from the pages

Video games as a medium often take their cue from other facets of entertainment. Comic books and movies being the primary source for adaptation, often with less than stellar results. Games based on movies often suffer from the same pitfa...


Guile is Johnny Bravo

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have stumbled upon a vast conspiracy the likes of which you've never seen. Who is the All American Hero with both an unnaturally high blonde haircut and a very unhealthy obsession with their own appearance? If you ...


I'm probably going to Hell

That's right. Me. I'm about as Neutral as you can get in regards to your belief in God. I was told the other day that I'm going to burn in a lake of fire, punished for all eternity. More or less. Let me explain. My TV is so Hi-Def, it'...


In which I say Hello...

All things start somewhere, so I may as well start here. I've been coming to Destructoid for a decent amount of time now for my news. I used to follow "The Last Boss" until it shut down, and somehow in my search for a new Video Game news s...


About Clown Babyone of us since 2:05 AM on 02.19.2007

When did you start playing games? I can honestly say my entire life. My dad used to let me play computer games on his desktop back when most households didn't even have a computer at all.

I play drums in a band called documentary. Music and Videogames together are two of the biggest parts of my life.

If you're interested you can hear my band here or even better, see it here!

My band is something of an experiment. We created the Myspace page for the sake of venues, but otherwise we do NOT use it at all. All of our shows are advertised via Word of Mouth and old school methods. The only online advertising is done by us on our personal Myspace/Facebook pages to our real-life friends.

So far, it's working fairly well.