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Hope you're having a happy time HomeoftheBlues!


The Live-Action Trend continues...


The Live-action remake trend has now got a firm grip on TV. I hate it.


Walking home I came across a dirty thrown away Budweiser can on the sidewalk. I picked it up and it turned out to still be full. Guess someone threw it away by accident. So Should I drink it?


Been watching this since I played the flash version on Newgrounds years ago. I'm looking forward to it.


Well after installing a windows platform update so I could play a game I recently got on sale my computer now has a bug where my monitor is black screened everytime my browser tries to load a video or picture.... yayyy...


Well we're in the final month of Summer now, and it's been...something.


Anybody else seen a rise in the amount of flies and mosquitoes lately?


In light of SMT 3 remaster, here's something from the past most of you have forgotten or likely repressed.


I think I may have eaten too much pesto infused food.


Thanks to Mandalore you can get Brigador for 60% off on GOG right now! Check out his review if you need more reasons to get it (and a link to the code that gives the discount).


Anyone heard of Conscript? It's still being kickstarted but the demo shows a damn interesting concept for a WW1 survival Horror. Plus that Sound Design.


This game makes me feel strange in a surreal way.... I kind of wanna see more.


Happy birthdays to you Pat and Gundy! There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said so I just want you both to have a great day!


Remember when Capcom was doing on-disc dlc? This kind of gives a hint on why they thought they could get away with it.


Grilled Pineapple on Feta cheese on-top of fish sticks.


So anyone feeling that Summer Heat yet?


If anyone is looking to get more out of Terraria then there is this interesting mod being developed that you might wanna watch.


I've seen people make a connection between this years events and THIS Simpsons episode, and after the riots started I'm really convinced that we live in a Dystopian Parody universe now.


Remember when this was most peoples exposure to the idea of the Internet? #90stoid


Thanks to Sseth you too can buy Wizardy 8 for $1 (Until 11:00 PM tonight)


To Absolutfreak, I hope you enjoy your celebrations!


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