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I'll let you all judge how fitting this is.


Well Happy late Valentines day to you all Dtoiders! Here's the last image of Valentines you'll see.


Happy Birthday Panda! If you're lurking somewhere around here I want to say that I appreciate all you've done for us!


Happy Birthday Wes! It ain't Wednesday but here ya go!


Hey Torch! Why didn't you tell us this was actually happening?


I leave you all with this. I hope you enjoy going down this rabbit hole of insanity.


Well today ended just GREAT with me finding out that my computers BIOS somehow got corrupted yesterday and I had to reinstall everything again.


With all these memes about WW3 I've been seeing around the web, This now being recommended on the suggestions is kind of a funny coincidence.


Nintendo Direct Predictions: Universal announces that the switch will be receiving CATS: The Videogame.


Here's to a hopefully less-lousy New Decade!


Happy birthday Soulbow! here's your G-cake!


Happy Birthday Riff! Have this dancing cat!


Merry Holidays everyone! And a jolly goodnight to y'all!!!


In another universe, Pokemon could have had a Pokemon based on this.


So is there anything worth getting from the ongoing Steam sales?


There are alot of lifeforms out there that are just waiting to be used in a superhero story.


What's your opinion on Feta cheese and other similar cheeses?


Despite Chris's review, I've been listening to this theme for nearly a week and I'm still not tired of it.


The full story is actually crazier than this headline makes it out to be.


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