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Anyone wanna see what peak 80's Japanese TV looked like for School Girls?


I just found out yesterday that I actually have a credit card and never realized it for the past 5 years.


Happy Dad day to all you ankle bitten brothers! It looks like I'm spending this day helping my dad at the family restaurant.


Found this cool piece. I'm eagerly anticipating Eternal.


I just logged into my Steam account and all my funds are GONE! I didn't even buy anything. Has this happened to anyone else?


So I had some errands to run, what did I miss while I was gone?


There is absolutely no chance a commercial FPS would actually feature a weapon this absurd.


People will either go for lewds, or dark humor.


The Pokemon sword legendary made me think, what is with Japan and giving dogs and other similar animals bladed weapons.


So did anyone else think that this was a joke before finding out it was real?


Steam sales don't usually grab me with anything anymore, but the Grim Dawn free trial has convinced me to get it. Anyone mind recommending any other games from this sale?


Anyone looking to replace their old game systems?


So yesterday's article about a possible Rage 3 brought up a pretty interesting question. What makes a great open world?


Halloween is long past, but I'm glad Lumpy actually made a full video on this.


Happy birthday Torch! I based this post on every birthday post I saw for you.


If you want to play God Hand on the PC, grab it while it's here.


Alot of people have been waiting for this one.


This just made me eager to see what Temmie will do in the future.


With that I can say that the worst of my exam rush is over, I only have one more exam. On the downside I'm likely gonna have to retake a course for my degree.


I found this from an image on KYM and it was not nearly as NSFW as I thought.


Tech Tales is always a treat for people that want to know the history of tech.


Exam rush starting in 2 days for me...... pray for me.


Mandalore finally reviewed my favorite childhood game!


Honestly I don't know how to april fool, so instead just look at the funny video instead.


There's gonna be alot of Asura's Wrath jokes with this one. Coincidentally I just started watching videos of Asura's Wrath last week to finally see what it's like after ignoring it for years so this is a nice coincidence.


People have said that The Simpsons predicted the future, well what about this!


There sure are alot of second season anime's this year. I just found out Cells at Work is getting a S2, among other series.


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