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Remember when this was most peoples exposure to the idea of the Internet? #90stoid


Thanks to Sseth you too can buy Wizardy 8 for $1 (Until 11:00 PM tonight)


To Absolutfreak, I hope you enjoy your celebrations!


Happy Birthday Mustache Sam! - From that other Mustache-less Sam


Advice on how to overcome being intimidated by your steam libraries HUGENESS?


Just a reminder that this is the Timeline we live in.


So anyone expecting to get paid for buying gas this month?


Happy Birthday Occams! I found the perfect cake for someone with your discerning tastes.


Well It was kind of inevitable what with all those other live-action movies.


So anybody heard of Bethesda's latest screw-up?


My tooth filling has finally been completely worn away. At a time when all the dental offices here are closed indefinitely....... Root canal here I come.


Here's to you Admiral! Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday to Plastic Tree and Brett! Hope you two make the best out of this situation!


Show of hands, how many of your local supermarkets have been almost completely emptied out by now with maybe a few things still left inside.


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