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To your birth Mike. Dtoid just wouldn't be Dtoid without you.


So how many of those confused xbox sales do you think ended with a scalper flooded with Xbox Ones that they might have a hard time reselling?


People are starting to have fun with the box art.


This song might just perfectly describe this entire week in a nutshell.


I just feel like laughing after seeing this.


In case anyone forgot about Chapter 2 being in development.


Apparently Anime has taken over google.


It isn't large but I still hope you enjoy it on your birthday.


Hope you're having a happy time HomeoftheBlues!


The Live-Action Trend continues...


The Live-action remake trend has now got a firm grip on TV. I hate it.


Walking home I came across a dirty thrown away Budweiser can on the sidewalk. I picked it up and it turned out to still be full. Guess someone threw it away by accident. So Should I drink it?


Been watching this since I played the flash version on Newgrounds years ago. I'm looking forward to it.


Well after installing a windows platform update so I could play a game I recently got on sale my computer now has a bug where my monitor is black screened everytime my browser tries to load a video or picture.... yayyy...


Well we're in the final month of Summer now, and it's been...something.


Anybody else seen a rise in the amount of flies and mosquitoes lately?


In light of SMT 3 remaster, here's something from the past most of you have forgotten or likely repressed.


I think I may have eaten too much pesto infused food.


Thanks to Mandalore you can get Brigador for 60% off on GOG right now! Check out his review if you need more reasons to get it (and a link to the code that gives the discount).


Anyone heard of Conscript? It's still being kickstarted but the demo shows a damn interesting concept for a WW1 survival Horror. Plus that Sound Design.


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