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It's not you, it's me!

This is my first blog for the dtoid community. I hope you like it :)

A few weeks ago on podtoid, Jim said something that really hit home. He said that despite buying every installment of the series, and no matter how hard he tries to like it, he cannot like Monster Hunter.
Unfortunately, despite being the genre of games I buy most frequently, I cannot like RPG's. My first experience was FFVII: Crisis Core, on PSP. Granted, I was younger then I am now, but I HATE random encounters. The next was Fire Emblem, a fine Gameboy Advance RPG...or so it was for about the two hours I spent with it. It was great fun, but do you ever get that feeling that you just can't be bothered to go back to a game, no matter how much you are enjoying it?
I persevered though, spurred on by gamers of yore recounting their love of games such as FFVII and Grandia. Next I played FFVI. I got stuck on a dungeon, got fed up and stopped playing. Then I bought the best RPG in the Final Fantasy series...Final Fantasy XIII. Funnily enough, I clocked in about 25 hours, before I realised I was just mashing buttons. Think of all the Dynasty Warrior games I could have played instead!
I then tried Grandia (4 hours), Final Fantasy V (3 hours), Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (2 hours),Costume Quest (does that count?), Secret Of Mana ( 1 hour), Persona (1 hour), Breath Of Fire 3 (3 hours) and Might And Magic : Clash Of Heroes (6 hours) which I might have been able to beat, had it not been for my fat PS3 wheezing like Holmes' old man impression, and suffering death by the yellow light.
Maybe a 15 year old like me should stick to a 'casual FPS', but it dissapoints me that I cannot enjoy the classics that have made the industry what it is today.

Before coming to conclusion that I cannot play RPG's, I ordered the premium edition of Tactics Ogre on PSP...whoops.

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