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This Game Cheats

My inspiration for this blog post came to me the other day while I was playing Brawl. I know, what c-blog DOESN'T have Brawl in it these days? Hear me out though, I promise this isn't going quite where you think it is. To be more specific,...


Holy crap I just got Brawl!

So I know everyone is sick of all the Brawl blogs, but I can't help myself, sorry. I've never gotten a game before the release date before, let alone a big game like Brawl. Some of you may remember about a week or so ago that Sears was s...


Do you remember your first time?

Ok, so this is my first blog post EVAR. I've been a bit of a lurker since I've been frequenting dtoid from about a year ago, but I've finally decided to post because it seems like something all the cool kids like to do around here. (and Go...


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I guess I'll start with the basics: I'm 22, and about a semester away from graduating from college. I've been a big gamer ever since I touched a controller. (was the NES and Super Mario Bros. for the record...)

I currently work at Target in the electronics department.(Sorry, we still don't have any Wii's in stock)Also, I consider myself to be pretty friendly, so feel free to drop a comment or friend me if you feel like it.

As for gaming, I actually like a wide range of genres, but I often consider my most favorite to be RPG's or Action/Adventure/Shooters. My non-gaming interests include movies, music and sports.

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