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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC Releases Late(r)

I really feel I have to reiterate a previous blog I had made. I know gaming blogs don't really know much about PC gaming and I feel that's a bit hazardous to how well information is reported.

I know there's been such a media blast over Modern Warfare 2 and the PC version has been getting lots of negative attention but there is also one point I haven't really seen anyone talk about yet.

It has been stated that MW2 will have full Steamworks integration...
...the listing on Steam slates the release date for November 13th...
...even a mod on the steam forums confirms CD keys are tied to Steam.

Now the Steamworks deal had to have been in development for a while yet in mid October Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling states there will be no delay for the PC version.

Retailers will may be selling the disk version on November 10 (Amazon Lists "November 10") but all PC gamers will have till the 13 is a $60 drink coaster.
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