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Dtoid Exclusive: Playboy's Jo Garcia tribute to gaming???

I used to really love this site when it would look down its nose at the likes of Kotaku and IGN for using wanking - the single biggest weakness for any gamer - to pull in punters. It was great to be able to point people in the direction of a gaming website that had interesting things to look at and read that were not porn-related, unlike what most of its competitors were doing. We all spend 95% of our recreational internet time looking at porn as it is, and a gaming site should be what it is. Who cares if other sites get more hits from scraping the bottom-most barrel of N4G, promising sweaty, shivering wrecks a glimpse of some Japanese bird with half a tit out.

But now I'm clicking over here and seeing a video simply showing pole dancers at TGS or an "exclusive" video from a Playboy model holding a joystick like it's her cock, with Nero (I love you mate, but come on now eh) declaring:

On one hand we stubbornly have ignored our numbers and rarely strayed from core gaming news. On the other hand ... well, you don't want to know what the other hand is doing.

And just because the biggest ever click rate came (no pun intended, VOM) from the nerdcore gallery of boobs in 2006, don't believe that, once their cold sweat had dried, they'd mopped up, finished walking in on themselves and woke up to reality, these people ever returned.

It was also always great that the Dtoid community was full of some strong female writers and commenters often trying to find somewhere that they could belong, but really and truly this is a bit of a door slamming in their faces. Panic over: Dtoid is a boys club, afterall. Phew.

Just a little disappointed that's all. You're better than that, Dtoid. And I say that having spent many hours reading and blogging on here. You haven't even posted a review for fucking Resistance 3 yet, so let's just put the fucking kittens on hold indefinitely and focus on being a decent gaming website, minus the sexist bollocks, yeah.

Thank you and goodnight.
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