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The 3/15 PS3 FNF Recap: Deathmatch edition

Another Friday has passed, so here's a recap of what went on in the PS3 FNF. Not too many people showed up this time, though......

Anarchy Reigns was short but sweet. Just messed around with some deathmatch gameplay types. Deathball will hopefully return next time. Not much voice chat went on, so you won't hear anything in the videos, really.

Just three players for Persona 4 Arena, so a lot of rematches. Teddy is still kind of nooby, I will admit. Still trying to learn some actual combos. Had some fun games with Codedor and Cad. And, despite my use of Teddy, Shadow Labrys is actually my main......

Well, that's all for this week. Hopefully, next week is even better.
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