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Skyrim vs Dark Souls: Does it really matter?


Dark Souls and Skyrim, two entirely different forms of RPGs, have recently been compared to each other by more and more video games sites. Fans of both series are already getting annoyed by this, and I count myself as one of them.

First, let me start off by saying that I believe that, for me, Dark Souls is going to be the only one of the two that I will play. I cannot claim to be unbiased here, but even I know when not to compare two completely different games. Both will be great in their own ways, Iím sure, and this trend with comparing them has really got to stop.

Personally I'm looking so forward to this.....

First off, they are both entirely different games. Skyrim aims for immersion in its story and lore, while Dark Souls aims for challenge and gameplay to motivate its players. Each appeals to a different crowd, and while both sides can definitely enjoy the other game, they generally do not need to be competing. Dark Souls also puts an emphasis on multiplayer as part of the experience, while Skyrim is aiming for a completely single player experience.

Another thing that I see is people comparing the length of the two. Letís be clear, both games are going to be long. Each has their own ways in creating their length, as well. Skyrim will have tons of quests, dungeons and dialogue to discover. Dark Souls will make people have to learn the system and many of the hours spent will be from intense fights, multiplayer battles, and trekking through the many dungeons you must complete to beat the game. Each has their own appeal for people seeking a time sink, and hundreds of hours can be spent on both.

Other, less important, aspects have been used to compare the two as well. From oneís inclusion of the DLC scheme to the inclusion of dragons in both games. These comparisons are petty, and ultimately pointless. People do not really care about if they have DLC or not, or if there are certain types of monsters in them. People should only care if they will be enjoyable to them, and any other comparisons are obviously only to garner unnecessary attention and conflict.

...but that doesn't mean that I should care if it's "better" or "worse" than Skyrim.

Ultimately, these types of comparisons are bad for both series, really. They arenít really competing (well, in a general sense they are but, you know what I mean), and fans of both games can enjoy the other, Iím sure. The only end result of this is immature comparisons and a pointless flame wars. In the worst case, it can cause a person to lose interest in the games while the best case results in both sides looking immature. Expressing one's opinion is fine and all, but doing so in a what that causes such an immature argument should not be commended.

Authorís note: I apologize if I offend anyone interested in Skyrim in any way. While not a game I plan on getting, I do not want anyone to get angry or think I was trying to insult the game they are looking forward to. I honestly hope both games are great.

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