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Just gonna go ahead and say it. Cerberus is the best good boy <3


I caved. The overwhelming hype got to me. Bought Hades and holy shit am I loving it. Not a big fan of losing progress after each death in games, but Supergiant made it incredibly fun, so I don't even care. One more game to juggle lol Worth it.


FIGHT NIGHT! Loving this free fight card lineup. It's oddly better stacked then next weeks PPV.


Today's my Friday! Can't wait for my two days off. Super Mario and UFC fights this weekend :) Me dancing around the hospital waiting for my shift to end.


We just talked about our favorite field/exploring music in gaming. So what game had your favorite battle music? There's plenty that I love the absolute shit out of but Final Fantasy Tactics is an easy win for me. So many great songs here. How about you?


Just beat Battletoads and I mostly loved it. Some awful mini games and questionable pacing aside, I thought they did a great job on it and found it really funny. Really reminded me of Double Dragon Neon, which I also really enjoyed. What did you think?


Who's your favorite horror movie icon? Pennywise for me! Tim Curry Pennywise! I enjoyed the new movies but just didn't like the new actor as much as Curry.


Hello everyone! I'm new to these parts but I'm excited to join in on all the fun. I love all things gaming, I love music and I'm pretty much obsessed with MMA. My favorite game is a tie between Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Tactics. Happy gaming all!


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