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"Natal", Not end-all

You mean you have to use your hands. That’s like a baby’s toy.” Marty McFly is told this in. 2015 by two kids after showing them how to play an 80’s light gun game. Back To the Future 2 may not be far off with their projection of technology or the attitudes of modern gamers. Microsoft already has filled YouTube with celebs playing with “Natal,” their newest baby, ready to stick it to the Wii.

What makes me curious is why the common Anti-Wii Loser is ready to embrace Natal like it’s the second Coming of Luke Skywalker ready to put the evil empire in its place. Let’s analyze why AWLs (we’ll call them) don’t like Wii in the first place. AWLs proclaim they hate the gimmicky nature of the Wii. It attracts causal gamers, and women—boo, can’t have that! they scare them!—to gaming.

Why exactly do you suppose Natal is being launched. You don’t suppose it because “Wii Sports” and “Wii Fit” sold like a Zillion units, and now Microsoft wants a piece of that action. So all those gimmicky games and casual gamers are just going to be coming to your hood. Better start loading up the welcome wagon, hard core gamers. They’ll be crowding up the air waves on those professional headsets y’all wear real soon.

Yes, Yes—The Wii has sub-standard graphics. If we’re not using every bit of the newest pixel shading technology a game can’t be fun, Of course. However, the games that haven’t been criticized as much, your “Mario Galaxies” and your “Twilight Princesses”, are known franchises that were easily fashioned to the Wii. I think it’s going to be awhile before Natal gives us an 30+ hour, in-depth, and graphically intense game that operates completely on air.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Innovation in video games is always exciting, but I think Natal is risky business. Actress, Felica Day said it best after her test run, “I can’t wait to throw a fireball like this.” Neither can I. Give me an awe survive horror game where I’m wrestling a zombie of my throat and snapping its neck with my bare hands and I’m there. However, It has more potential to spawn a billion “Block party 5” and “Cooking” games than it does to instantly take gaming to the next level. Gamers love to hate the industry that feeds them, and the Wii has been judge an unworthy whipping boy by the elite for a while now. AWLs want that big knock blow to make the Wii obsolete, but—call me a doubter, it may be wonderful and shut my mouth— but, I’m not holding my breath.
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