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Contratip #1 - Exploit The Blood Punch In Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods


One of the most under-utilized yet ultra-powerful combat options in Doom Eternal is the Blood Punch.

Usage of the Blood Punch in early game is fairly limited due to its one-time-only nature and unclear explanation, but one of the culminating boss fights of the main game uses it to superb effect and adds an extra charge to the function.

What some players will figure out is that the Blood Punch's intended use is to instantly destroy enemy weakpoints, especially that of the powered-up Cyber Mancubus. What those same players may not realize is that the Blood Punch does a fair amount of explosive "splash" damage and takes nearly 50% of an Arachnotron's health in one hit on Nightmare/Ultra-Nightmare.

Here's a demonstration of this in play:

Now get blood punchin'!

- No more shame, no more fear, no more dread.

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