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Christopher J Oatis

Video Game Reviews for Normal People

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"Natal", Not end-all

ďYou mean you have to use your hands. Thatís like a babyís toy.Ē Marty McFly is told this in. 2015 by two kids after showing them how to play an 80ís light gun game. Back To the Future 2 may not be far off with their projection of tech...


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I am a staff writer for USAPROGMUSIC.COM, WWW.NOROOOMINHELL.COM and a freelance writer of all kinds of fiction. My most recent published work won GAMECOCK Media's MUSHROOM MEN Contest. I am currently earning my Masters in Writing and putting together my first Novel as a Thesis.

I am an old school Gamer at heart, and most of my work measures the new against the old as I feel some of today's games have sold their hearts for the price of innovation.