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Review: MAINGEAR Forma GT


Over the past few years, gaming chairs have become popular among streamers and seasonal gamers. They are stylish and come with the same bells and whistles that office chairs have. MAINGEAR known for their different desktop and laptop line-ups have joined other popular brands like DXRacer, GT RACING, and Secret Lab and released their own gaming chairs-the Forma R and Forma GT.

While the Forma GT only comes in black and red, the Format R comes in red and black, white, gray and red, and black and white. Both models are aesthetically different as well but come with the same level of comfort and features, so you can choose whichever you find aesthetically pleasing. Personally, I went with the Forma GT since I like the full black and minimal red colors as well as its shape.

FORMA allows you to have your own personalized gaming experience by customizing the ergonomics to your liking. It has 4D adjustable armrests, 165 degrees of reclining, full tilt capability, and its’s adjustable to fit any style. With the included microfleece breathable memory foam headrest and lumbar pillows, FORMA provides support that conforms to your body for long hours of gaming sessions. I’ve been falling asleep on it just fine too.

I also found the chair to be easy to assemble, with all the instructions included in the back of a poster included with the chair. I would say it only took me like 30 minutes to assemble before I was ready to go, and I am usually not very good at assembling these things.

The chair comes with two pillows — a headrest and lumbar made of microfleece and memory foam. My only gripe about these pillows is while comfortable, long-term they start to bother me, especially the headrest. Sometimes I am better off with just removing it. However, when I am reclining it all the way, it’s definitely a really good comfortable pillow.

This is my first gaming chair so I can’t really compare it to other premium gaming chairs, but after many months of using this chair, I can definitely say that it’s worth the $349 retail price. It’s very comfortable, adjustable, and it has helped me during my many hours of gaming and binge-watching movies and anime.

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