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Hitman's seventh Elusive Target, Gary Busey, was as expected, hard to kill.. but he fell nonetheless. Expect him to fight his way back from the grave any time soon. The video quality's a bit flakey... Sony consider this 'high quality' - hmm..


Gaming Tip Of the Day: Catch all the Pokemon in the comfort of your own living room by denying Pokemon Go access to your phone's GPS settings.


Writing my tongue-in-cheek Pokemon Go Predictions blog was odd... 'Hey, what if people gave their phones to other people to collect Pokemon? Wait.. that's actually a real service someone's offering?' http://tinyurl.com/zqthw5k


I'm wary of the Mini NES - ATGames screwed up the sound on the mini Megadrive.. maybe wait to see - or hear - it in action.


Stuck for Pokemon Go article ideas? How about a 'The Craziest 'Craziest Pokemon Go Stories So Far' Articles' article? I'll expect commission, of course.


Games designers are happy to talk when they've got some tepid new release to promote but ask them whether they've ever been visited by the spectre of a ninteenth century composer and these hypocrites clam up.http://tinyurl.com/h8npr87


Just trying to change my username and it's not working so far. It just flicks back to the original username, whether I put in the password in the password field or not. Am I missing something, or am I just being too impatient?


Vengeance, Gone Home style. That'll teach Kaitlin's parents not to pick her up the airport and alienate her sister.


Using a drone to cheat at Pokemon Go - truly, humanity has reached its zenith.


Thanks to Pokemon Go doing the rounds, I've learnt more about Pokemon than I ever wanted to know. For a start, 25% of all Pokemon are pure nightmare fuel.


My prediction.. the baby in Death Stranding represents Silent Hills... and it's a thinly disguised tale of what really happened between Kojima and Konami.


EDIT: Okay, stream's done. I had to use a walkthrough as it was so cryptic. Giving P.T. a go.. streaming on Youtube. I may scream like a girl at points.


Seems like fiction and reality are blurring. A teenage Pokemon Go player discovered a body while she was hunting for Pokemon and, eerily enough, the first Pokemon game references Stand By Me - a movie about four teens going on a quest to find a dead body.


Pranksters - test the resolve of Pokemon Go players by informing them that the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is crawling with Legendary Pokemon.


Spooktoid? How about one of the most amazing horror shorts ever made..


Smosh's Honest Game Trailers nails it once again...


How about a game of guess the game title? EDIT: Okay, it's been solved. Correct answer in the comments.


Pay no attention to the man behind the buffet. My pursuit of Hitman's Elusive Target 5 did not go well.


A Dealtoid style heads-up to UK PS4/PS3 owners - there's a 'Big in Japan' PSN sale on 300ish games,inc Resi 1 remake, Dark Souls etc. Just got Demon's Souls for £4.99,Bayonetta for £3.99, and PS3 and PS4 Dark Souls 2 for £10.99 and £15.99 respectively


Musictoid? I give you the most heartbreaking piece of music in any video game.


Something that seems to have received relatively little attention in the gaming press is that Sony is charging - already available on pre-order - £27.99 for a game that's in flipping alpha on the PC. What a bloody zombie-chewed cheek!