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Thank goodness I've got the wisdom of the ancients to guide me through No Man's Sky.


Free DLC for The Witcher 3 was really something to get excited about, the designers rewarding purchasers. Free No Man's Sky DLC seems like they're just finishing the game way after time.


Finally got my hands on No Man's Sky - streaming at twitch.tv/chrishannard


I would pay good money for a Space Mutiny game.


I swear, I never get bored of this, nor can I ever keep a straight face.


While I can sympathise with devs RE Day 1 patching as in NoMansSky, it's still a financially driven practice. I can't think of another consumer industry where Joe Public would accept an incomplete product being released.


Ever wondered what The Rock would look like as Duke Nukem? So did I ... but I didn't expect Project Murphy to throw up this little gem.


Finally, an appropriately reverent and relevant Pokemon Go song.


Got a pre-launch copy of No Man's Sky? Whether it's for technical or other reasons, the 0 day patch will apparently wipe your progress.


You know you're playing an early launch XBox One title when it has a useful gameplay feature that can only be activated by using Kinect. I'm looking at you, Dead Rising 3.


After a few near misses - and a bit of running away - I finally got Hitman Elusive 8: The Broker.


Just about to tackle Hitman Elusive Target 8.. The Broker, streaming at http://twitch.com/chrishannard


WTFtoid. Here's a brilliant yet amazingly disturbing sketch from UK satirist Chris Morris.


Booktoid? 1984. It's an exceptional yet simultaneously troubling book. The part about the destruction of language is something else.


Just encountered Demon's Souls' 'Dirty Colossus', which I could have sworn was a term from UrbanDictionary.com. What's the filthiest sounding video game enemy you've run into?


Finally, I managed to dispatch Michonne, now Zombie Night Terror has me going after Rick... muahahah!


Just finishing up an article containing the words 'gruesome fleshy katamari'. Writing is fun.


Can anyone tell me if the GOTY edition of Bloodborne installs the DLC onto the hard disk? I have the on-disc version of Bloodborne GOTY but I'm tempted to get the PSN ver for the convenience of running it off the hard drive.


I played 45 minutes of We Happy Few but wasn't that impressed. The setting's interesting but the gameplay was particularly monotonous and I'm not convinced it was due to the procedural nature of the game or its alpha status. Hopefully things pick up.


I'm enjoying the hell out of Zombie Night Terror - review to come when I've finished, but it is, as stated on the trailer, pretty close to Lemmings with zombies.


Supernatural shenanigans happening in your house? Forget about videoing it - get out, get the Ghostbusters out. #MovieLessonToid


Quite a few gaming websites are awash with clickbait article links, even though none seem to be games related. Here's my attempt at redressing the balance.


Oh god, the Sonic 25th stream is excruciating. I want to go to bed, but this is just too horrible to stop watching, like viewing a car wreck in slow motion. That said, Sega did once pay Right Said Fred to randomly chuck Sonic refs into one of their songs