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50 Word Review - The Deed (PC)


The Deed:

The Deed is a short but extremely replayable murder-mystery, where the mystery is whether or not you'll get away with your heinous crime.  Every action you take or word you utter counts, so failure never seems illogical or unfair.  Highly entertaining and ridiculously cheap,  t'd be criminal to miss it.

Previous 50 Word Reviews:

I'm challenging myself to write some short and to the point reviews of games, using no more than 50 words. Here are some of the reviews I've written so far. 


Undertale is a  massively entertaining role-playing game that does something genuinely different with the genre. It's highly replayable – messing with your head on later playthroughs - and features characters who are so endearing you'll be glad that pacifism is an option.  Heartily recommended,  whether you're an RPG fan or not.

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