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Contest: Win a Nintendo Switch from Destructoid

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pre-pax party clarification!

Ok, there seems to be some sort of discussion going around about some GIANT ASS party over at my place before pax. I wish to clarify. This pre-pax party will be invite only, and mainly for industry types. I will send the invites this week. ...


pre-pax party

Hello my dtoid friends. Since I am your resident Seattle host for PAX, I am planning a dtoid pre-pax party at my place. I'm thinking the thursday night before PAX starts, food and booze and games in the lovely Capitol Hill neighborhood, whe...


Win some free stuff!

We have a super cool contest going on over at The Weekly Geek where you can win an armload of PopCap games, including full retail copies of Bejeweled, Chuzzle, Peggle and more. Valentine's day is coming up, give your lady a bunch of casual ...


Own some Metroid Art!

I make a lot of art. This weekend I decided to reprint one of my Metroid pieces to capitalize on the success of Metroid Prime 3. How shrewd of me! I made an edition of 18, and I must say they look damned good. You can own one of these sp...


I broked it

I broke the weekly geek this weekend. i was upgrading to mt4 and it was borked. boooooooooooooooo The good news is that the borked website will most likely motivate me to finish the new design and get it uploaded. Also, the mt4 backend is ...


Metroid 3 is amazing.

If there's one game that could tear me away from Bioshock, it's Metroid Prime 3. Holy crap, this game is amazingly good. Take all the classic things that made the original Prime games so great (scanning, completionist ocd behavior) and mult...


it is finished.

i beat bioshock yesterday and instantly started a new game on hard. Easy is pretty easy but hard is freaking hard. Lives up to the names, I guess! Excellent, excellent game. I can't say enough great things about it. Though I have one gripe....


An Antlion Appears! Command?

You can add a saddle to an ostrich and paint it yellow but it will never be a chocobo. You can paint your cat white and glue a pom pom on its head but it will never be a moogle. Fortunately, you CAN own a Final Fantasy creature of your ve...


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