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Lego Dimensions and a Growing Price Problem


Rising prices of collectable games is not a new phenomenon. We see it all the time with franchises such as Pokemon creating such a buzz from everything they produce that it has a high starting price and can really hold its value over time. More recently however, a new form of forced rises in pricing for collectables has hit the market and has caused many a gamer to be up in arms.

Now I will be talking about the cost of the soon to be released Lego Dimensions, which on the outside, looks like a must have game for any fan of the Lego franchise. But firstly, I’m going to talk about another example first that this problem has defiantly split the fandom in half. Nintendo, more specifically Amiibo’s.   

The way Amiibos have been dealt with by Nintendo has created a major problem for many. Producing loads of a staple few Amiibos has created a demand for the rest. These are released in waves consisting of around 3 per wave. Now the dilemma that has been caused is an artificial inflation in the price of the majority of these ‘limited’ releases due to manufacture numbers being way below the nescesary number to meet with the demand of the public. This means that one Amiibo can be worth £20 – 30 even though there has been no time for it to increase in value; just the fact they were badly managed on the manufacturing levels.

For Lego Dimetions there is a different story altogether. Lego has for a long while been a must have for most kids and a valuable collectable for people of any age thanks to the diversity they have within the brand. For the gaming world this has meant they could bring out many games each with a different series in mind. These games have all been on par price wise with other games and have held there resale value quite well. This all changed however with the announcement of Lego Dimetions. They have now decided that for the base game they would only sell it as a bundle. This has meant that once the game is released you would have to pay around the £90 – 100 mark just to get the base game. Then they sell add ons for around £10 – 30. Now many people would argue that Lego is a collectable and the fact you get figures with the addons justify the price. I say that the Lego games have always been a way for everyone to enjoy playing with there favourite Lego without the massive price tag and the price that they have put on the new game will mean many many fans will not be able to enjoy the game for maybe even a year. This problem was not seen with similar figure based games such as Skylanders with the main pack being available for the usual £40 mark.

It is with this I say that, yes I am very excited about the new Lego Dimetions and that they have managed to get hold of some amazing content including Doctor Who, Portaland Scooby Doo to name a few. The opportunity to play as all the characters from all these games fills my heart with the joy of a 14 year old. I am just extremely disappointed that Lego have created an amazing game and are going to run it into the ground by pricing it out of the market. Although the avid fans I’m sure will buy all of the content regardless of price.

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