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Took a polling station selfie, hated my face as usual, hit the filters, and suddenly it looks like an election where I voted for Tim Burton.


Having a huge clearout, real purge of old stuff, and I just came across this shirt. Ho-ly shit that takes me back :0


Happy Birthday Agent9! Thanks for staying part of our lovely community, hope you have an awesome day :)


I hope you all have a really great weekend. I can't believe how close we are to 2020. Make the most of your Saturday/Sunday, and even if you're working or doing something boring, grasp the small moments for yourself, you can still make something of them.


Oh look around, what do you see? Tell me what's become of humanity? From California Shores to New York's Times Square: Barnum and Bailey everywhere.


I don't want to be a stick in the mud, so here's my thoroughly SFW but also thoroughly #cursedmas


Happy Birthday Meanderbot! Thanks for sharing all your awesome artwork with us, and have a wicked day, friend :)


Had a clip to show y'all but I goofed and deleted it :( Was basically me (Ela) in Siege. Whole team abandoned game, and I took on 5 players alone. It was just really fast and action packed, I nailed 3 before they got me. Damn I wish I had it. Ah well


Looking at this secret Santa stuff. You’re all so good to each other. Thanks for being our community, for your awesome artwork, sharing,m and caring, fun comic strips, pet photos, all of it. Thanks Dtoid community x


December is going to be difficult. We have a very vital election that could change lives, and I have some surgery to deal with a thing that could be a bunch of things. And right now friends, I don’t have it in me to deal with any of it.


I said my usual happy weekend message yesterday for the holidays... But still, I can always say it again : p So have a great one, whatever you're up too. And never forget Goro's '90s CGI origin story whenever you need guidance.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Be thankful for what you have, be it in security, health, friends or just cool stuff, and try not to focus on what you don't, hard as it sometimes is. Have an awesome weekend everyone, love thee x


Just getting ready for the Queen's arrival tomorrow...


Nokk Nokk open up the wall it's real, with the non stop, pop pop of stainless steel... Perhaps not my stealthiest breach.


This week really fried my brain, but its the weekend, and I hope for you, me, and all of us it's a great one. Remember to be kind to yourself, forget what went wrong, think about what went right, and if nothing did, then make it so this wkend. Love u x


I got lost and started looking at pinball machines this evening. This was a bad idea as Pinbot looks lonely and there’s a big space next to him. That’s enough internet browsing for the night.


Happy Birthday to the awesome Adzuken! Hope you have a great day and week, as well as an awesome year ahead :)


Not to point too fine a point on it, say I'm the only bee in your bonnet.


I finally got around to watching Alita Battle Angel, and although its very flawed, and all the bad things I heard about it are true, I still enjoyed it, perhaps just because of my childhood link with the '93 anime. I thought Waltz and Salazar were great


I like it when people like things. Not to say we shouldn't always keep a critical eye. But I like it when people like things.


Hello folks, Getting cold here, what's it like there? Whatever the weather, hope you all have an amazing weekend. Have fun with friends, films, games, whatever takes your fancy. Make the most of the good times. Have a great one, love u! x


When I went to bed last night there was no Sindel trailer, and now a'hm going to bed and there's a Sindel trailer. Holy fuck I can't wait to start taking her to tourneys.


Happy Birthday NeoTurbo! Hope you have an awesome day and good luck with your charity streams. Have a great one buddy


NeoTurbo is streaming now on Twitch for Extra Life. Maybe go check it out and throw in a few bucks if you can afford to. Good luck to everyone taking part in the streams this week. https://www.twitch.tv/neoturbo


Hope y'all having a good weekend! Been pretty quiet online, I guess Death Stranding (among other things) are getting their hooks into people


We’re looking for listener questions for Podtoid this week, so drop any of your lovely queries in the article now on the front page, thanks!


Hey folks, hope you all have an amazing weekend, get some quality rest and be sure to take some time to do something awesome for yourself. The weekend begins here, so make it a great one friends! Luv u! x


Happy Birthday to one of my best Dtoid buddies and an amazing community member, Flanx! Hope you have an amazing weekend. Thanks for being here and stay awesome, friendo x


Happy Birthday to Cloudman Sam and Deadmoon! Hope you both have an absolutely wicked day. Do everything I wouldn't do!


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