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Happy Birthday to our very own Wes! Thanks for all your fine community work and sweet drumming skills! You're a much beloved fella on the good ship Dtoid, and y'always have my back. Hope you're having a fine weekend, good buddy x


H-E-L-L-O. I hope you're doing ok this week everyone. Be sure to find some rest and solace this weekend. Treat yourself to something nice - it doesn't have to be pricey - and be sure to remember that "you" are enough. Enough for all of us. Love U x


Hope y'all having a good week so far. Take care and keep pushing, friends.


Happy Birthday Julc3, Hope the baby is well and that you guys have a tubular day


Today's fun fact: Was Not Was' 1987 cheesy party hit 'Walk the Dinosaur' is actually about impending nuclear threat, likening the possibility of the bomb dropping to the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs. Boom, Boom, acka-lackalacka, Boom <3


Happy Birthday to my favourite wrassler of all-time, Bull Nakano!


Friday snuck up on me this week. I hope that you are all staying safe and keeping well. Its been a month of a week, so find some time to yourself to relax and recharge this weekend. There's nothing wrong with simply 'stopping' occasionally. Love you x


Dropped my phone a few inches and completely destroyed the screen. That in itself shouldnt result in a mental breakdown and floods of tears, but its a culmination of these sweet times. Bonus: Was donating to charity at the time, so Karma and all that.


The gacha gods have been kind to me this past fortnight


This single game of CoD lasted AN HOUR. Brrrrrrrrp...


Happy Birthday Soulbow! Thanks for keeping it Mega Real with The Realness 'round these parts. Have a happy weekend, stay frosty.


Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2021 brings you excitement, success and happiness, I'm proud of you for making it through these ongoing troubled times.


Happy belated Birthday to long-term member RiffRaff! Hope you had a delightful day and that its been a fun festive season for you.


Working through Xmas is not fun at the best of times, but the site has been particularly antagonistic this week, which has made it a lot harder and me a lot unhappier. In better news, I've hit 6000 total articles, which is unbelievable.


Happy Birthday to one of my two favourist laydeez ever, model and actor Barbara Steele, who turns a wild 83 today :o Here she is in Fellini's indulgent epic "8 1/2"


Redacted. Hope y’all having a good festive week and you’re staying healthy and happy.


Happy Birthday AtomicBanana! Have a nice day and hope it’s a great year for you!


I weighed myself this morning because I'm my own worst enemy.


Happy Holidays all y'all! have a restful and relaxing weekend. If you're working, then just make the most of the time you get to yourself. Be kind to yourself, you've definitely earned it this year. Love y'all x


Not gonna lie, I’m pretty blue and unfestive today. It’s been a week, month, year. But this season is gonna be weird for a lot of us, moreso than usual. So if you’re feeling a bit blue, it’s cool. Ur allowed to and I see you :) Hope y’all have a


I’ve reached that part of Xmas where I feel like I should stay up late - because Xmas - and just end up cycling through the the site and social media wondering where everyone is... then wondering why I’m not in bed. Xmas is confusing once you’re not


Hey folks, I don't know how your week has been, all I know is I want your wkend to be an awesome one. Be good to yourself, do not take anything for granted, find some R'n'R, and remember to love yourself as much as you do others. I hope you have a rad one


I <3 Xmas Bernie and her relatable mood


We record the final episode of Podtoid today. If you haven’t checked out our bumper mailbag episode yet, please give it a listen, it was interesting and a lot of fun. You can find it on the FP right now. Hope y’all having a good wkend x


Gonna by brrrrrapping on Black Ops on Twitch for a bit if anyone wants some background noise. Comments are open too. https://www.twitch.tv/princessdragonmom


I'm ultra busy today so apologies for the slim greetings. But I hope that you've had a good week, that you enjoyed The Game Awards, and that you're all getting set to round out the year. Have a great weekend, and love y'all x


I could use an emotional support animal. Like a spider, or a catboy.


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