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Mail day for Moyse. A new PS5 game? A criterion Blu Ray? A Japanese import?


Hope y’all having a restful weekend, folks x


Took me way, WAY to long to get her to Gold, but I’ve dropped the game so many times and it was like starting from scratch every time. Still not good enough, but nothing ever is for me


What a week. They're ALL what a weeks. But as long as you can make it What a weekend, then it will have been worth it. Whether working or resting, soak up any time you find for yourself, I'm sure you deserve it. Hope you have a good one! love you x


And it ain't even 'bout the dough, it's about gettin' down for what you stand for, yo


Old school anime fans, don't sleep on my fp article about RUNNER. Even if VR isnt your thing, you'll definitely dig the trailer. Real Cyber City Oedo vibes.


Happy belated birthday to long-timer AdmiralAckbong! Hope you had an awesome day doode, and thanks for being such a devoted site follower. Have a great year ahead, pal!


I hope you all have a good weekend, soz for the shaky message but I'm empty. Take care and be safe and do good things for yourself and others. Tell someone they're loved, eat a donut, sleep in. Whatever you need.


Hope y’all had fun today and didn’t lock your accounts for life. Thanks for being such a good hearted community <3


I was fronted on by some strangers in the street today *specifically* for wearing a mask. I’m so mad rn that I just started yelling back, plus I was carrying boiling coffee, which was probably the only thing that stopped me getting a kicking. People. FF


Gotta admit, I don't trust Disqus nearly enough to alter anything about my account. It feels fragile enough already :s


Happy Birthday to veteran Dtoider GoofierBrute! Thanks for sticking by us for all of these years, and here's hoping you have an awesome day, doode!


Today I watched the brand new cut of the big comic book movie everyone’s talking about.


Happy Birthday to two legendary, long time Dtoid community members - Fake Plastic Tree and Ooktar. Hope you both have a great weekend, thanks for all y’all bring to the site :)


I'm glad its the weekend. Though I still have lots to do before I can hide. I hope that you all have a good one, and thanks for your constant, heartfelt support. Be good to yourselves this weekend, whatever way you can. Have a rad one & keep on truckin'


Fallen in love with this badass art of Tekken's Lidia Sobieska, as stylized by Junny.


I just want to be better at things >:( {Edit: Thanks for your kind comments, they mean the world to me. I'm frustrated with many aspects of life - small and big picture - I'll be fine, I'm just disappointed at my struggle to improve many things)


I just had Juri fights for like, 4 straight hours, mostly wins but not enough. fighting games will never not be utterly exhausting on the brain, the most sadist gaming genre you can dedicate yourself to I think. Still, black nail polish Juri


Sitting in a weird mood playing SFV and wanted to tell y’all I never take it for granted that u choose to click on, and sometimes even read, my work here. Time is precious and it means a lot that you spend some of yours on me x oh, and white hair juri


Ready for bed already... It's the weekend at least, and I hope for you, me, and everyone we know that it's a great one. Hope your March isn't too Mad, and that you've been given reasons to smile, or at least to relax. Be safe and have a good one, love u!


I’ve been writing so much lately that when I close my eyes at night I see words... it’s weird. But like when you play the same game too long and it kind of ‘appears’ in the dark... I should go to bed. Hope you’re all ok and safe. Be kind.


The day started very badly, but here's hoping it ends well. (Nothing to worry about). Hope y'all have a good one <3


Sometimes I’ll play a game - like a fighting game or an RPG - and I’ll think about a character and be like ‘They’re kinda like me, I can relate to their look and pain and inner demons’... But then I realise - really - I’m just Dingodile


Happy Birthday to long-term Dtoid runner Alphadeus! You're crazy talented and your rad tunes bring us a lot of joy. Thanks for sharing your work with us, as well as being a stalwart reader. Hope you have a great weekend, dood :)


A little later than usual but ah'm super busy. I hope you have a great weekend. Be as active or as inactive as you need to be. Find joy where it lies, and be very good to yourself. And you find yourself lost, we will try to be your port. Stay cool. Love u


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