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Ask Me Anything! Maybe I'll Answer!.. Have an awesome Saturday everyone. (Bump. With answers. Fanks folks, hope you're having a lovely weekend.)


I'm busy, busy this week, it's pretty hectic. But I hope you all have a really great wkend. The fall nights are drawing in earlier, which can be tough on the noodle, but I know you're holding up strong, and we got your back. Be safe, have fun, love thee x


Straight up now tell me do you really want to love me forever? Or am I caught in a hit and run?


I only caught the first... 3? seasons of MLP but it always came across as a smart show which maintained a modern, wholesome message. Great characters too, maybe one day I'll check the rest out. I think Rarity was my fave. I miss SolarPonyDjango


I'm a bit sick unfortunately, bad stomach out of nowhere. But I'm looking forward to resting this wkend, and I hope you are too. I know a lot of us are facing tough times right now, but fwiw, remember you're always among friends here. Always. Love u x


I'm sure no-one cares, but OOI, I'll never downvote you, even if I disagree with you. So if you see a downvote after you comment on any of my write-ups/Qposts, it ain't from me. If I disagree I'll tell you, I own my shit and I hate that system.


Happy Birthday to Mike Martin, hope you had a good weekend doode and that you have a wonderful year ahead.


I just had this really fuckin visceral, ugly cry, like someone stuck a pin in me and let out all this tension and upset. It wasn't a pleasant sight or feeling, but it probably had to happen for the better. You don't need to know this, I'm just rambling x


Some fiction just made me very emotional, something I’m very susceptible to, which kinda prevents me from catching a lot of great TV. I dunno how it affects you, but I get weirdly upset, even at tragi-happy events in films or tv or whatever.


Hey, its the wkend again, and I hope life treated you well and fairly. If it didnt, at least know you're always among friends here. So try to put it behind u and go into Friday feeling good about yourself. Next week will be better. Have fun and be safe x


Getting downvoted, repeatedly, for innocent opinions can genuinely push people from a site. while others only need the slightest flash flag before theyve talked themselves into thinking they're unlinked and unwelcome. No good can come of this.


Honestly, I'm loveable, just not particularly adorable. Jump on the #Selfietoid bandwagon, friends.


I think a stranger accidentally sent me an email, and it was a weird email. Nothing to worry about, just weeeeird. How's your day going? By the way, have I ever shown you that my local supermarket is run by Dr. Doom?


Happy Birthday to our resident science boffin and community mainstay Gamemaniac! Have an awesome weekend and a prosperous year. Damn its been years since we did your community interview... Time flies :s


I don't have a lot to say this week, but that's not going to stop me from wishing y'all a very happy and fun weekend. Hope it's a good one, full of reaffirming moments and good laughs, don't forget to stay hydrated and loved! Come to me for the latter! x


A British man, living in Spain, using and celebrating the Spanish medical system "because its not being used up by immigrants like in Britain"... Imagine being this un-self-aware, and basing country-changing hatred on it.


Happy Birthday to Nathan D! Sorry I forgot you earlier... Too many bdays : s Hope you have an amazing day and a really great year ahead. Make it a good one! :)


A lot of people talk a lot of shit about how open, supportive, all-accepting and caring they are. There's a lot of performative motherfuckers out there, and they're making out like bandits because of it.


Happy Birthday to a great person, a dedicated community member and a brill artist. Have a great day Ravenclaw!


RIP Sid Haig, The chaos, carnage and sleaze he brought to the screen is a staple of my love of the exploitation movie genre. Haig is one of the poster boys for my idea of a good time at the flicks. Thanks for the wild and weird adventures.


“No one will remember you when you die” ranks up there as one of the deepest insults anyone’s ever said to me when I beat them at a fighting game. The same match also had literal “chicken noises”.


Dusted off my barely-used Twitch, might stream PS4 games when I play them now. No mic setup just yet, but if youd follow me (or whatever its called) that'd be kind. Maybe you'll catch some abysmal Siege play if ur lucky! https://www.twitch.tv/orochileona


I went to an exhibition of Keith Haring today. He was a famous NY artist and activist in the 80s. Painted all over the city while blowing up in underground clubs and fighting against apartheid and homophobia. It was a cool look at a fascinating artist.


Hope you all have a great weekend. Make it a happy one and give yourself something fun to do, and if you can do it with others, even better. I hope life is kind to you, now and always x


A letter for me today that was apparently addressed to my soul...


Happy Birthday to ZombieCORPS, thanks for being a part of the community, love having you around bud :)


Hope y'all having a good week so far x


Update on hospital: So I have to have some minor surgery and some test. They think they know what's wrong and no-one should be worried. Still, was hoping it'd just be "take these tablets". I just feel flat about it, like I do about evrything, but I'm ok x


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