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I'm sorry, folks. I don't have the words today. I'm very unwell and didn't sleep. I'm really struggling and the world is awful. Just know that I legit love y'all, and I hope you're all keeping safe and well. Be good to people and yourselves this wkend x


Happy Birthday to resident Dtoider Lokhe! Hope you have a nice day buddy. Thanks for being part of our dahling community!


MK Aftermath's story is *utterly* joyless. The writers have lost all sense of fun, fantasy and adventure. All they know is misery and death. Such a dirge. A poor man's GoT. Still, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is having a great fkn time, and Sindel too gorgeous <3


Well. That was a messy win. But undeniably, she won.


Hey folks, hope you are all keeping well and that you have an awesome weekend. Make the most of any free time you have, even if you just spend it hanging out with yo' bad self and getting some well-earned rest. Take care and remember I loves ya x


Hey, a bit late, but Happy Birthday to veteran community member RadPartyGod! Thanks for sticking with us and being a ray of light, buddy. Hope you had an awesome day!


Hope y'all had a rad weekend, a rad radial weekend, even x


Hey friends, I don't have a lot to say today, but it is Friday, and the weekend is coming in fast and hard, Yo. I hope you all have a happy, safe, and pleasant one. Life continues to be weird, but you've got this, and we got each other. Love thee I do x


Happy Birthday to good buddy regular Taterchimp! Have a nice day doode, thanks for being here :)


Happy Birthdays to VincentDante and our very own Torch! Hope you both had ultar radical, tubular weekends x


Not gonna lie. I have bad thoughts/words about almost everything right now. Life challenges sometimes, but we generally overcome it. To that end, I hope that you are finding joy and solace, and that you have a restful, zen, positive wkend. Love you x


Britain has the highest COVID-19 death toll in Europe, along with one of the lowest testing rates. Today's papers. I just fucking can't.


Happy Birthday to absolutfreak... Hope you're enjoying your weekend and that you have a good year ahead pal :) Thanks for being such a dedicated community member :)


Have a great weekend friends. I Hope you're all keeping safe and well and that you're finding your own peace at the moment. Be sure to squeeze in some rest, fun, and love over the next couple o' days. Looking forward to hearing what you're all up to x


Me discovering any new film from 1983.


Happy Birthday Gus, Hope you have an awesome day. I didn't get you a gift, so you'll just have to enjoy my presence.


Happy Birthday Sam van der Meer, hope you have a nice day. Thanks for being regular part of our community. Do something wild and buy yourself something unnecessary. All aboard the party train!


I hope y'all had a pleasant weekend, and are keeping safe and healthy. Have a fine week, friends x


I *somehow* ended up with the wrong girl at the climax of Sakura Wars. I'm so bad at The Romancing in all it's forms.


I've been stupid busy this week. Utterly non-stop, but at least its a slight distraction from world events. I hope y'all had a nice week, and that you have a very happy and restful weekend. Hope you find some fun, be good to yourself. Love u x


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