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Feeling pretty rancid today. Is this a long delayed travel bug? just rough sleep? typical malaise? or SOMETHING WORSE? Damn, I'm such a write off XS


Have a great weekend all y'all. I hope that its fun or restful, depending on your own needs this week. Be sure to take some time to do something you love, a step away from the the working week. Thanks for being such a rad community, Here's me dancing x


Even if you aren't a Siege fan you should check out the cinematic at the foot of my article on the FP... It doesn't make a whole lotta sense but it's a neat little action flick


Happy Valentine's Day N0KK, You broke down the reinforced walls of my heart, and double-tapped my soul with your SIX12 SD suppressed shotgun (holographic sights, no under-barrel attachment) of love <3


Im not home this weekend. Not only that, but I have shaky internet. So I'm going to wish all you, my dear friends, a happy wkend a little earlier than usual. Have fun, be good to yo'self and others, and remember youre always among pals here. Love you x


Happy Birthday Xeo! Hope you have a super awesome day buddy and a great year ahead!


I have to fly this week. And I flown a bunch of time before. But this time, Im super nervous about it, scared even. And I don't know why. Brains are annoying.


Have a wonderful weekened folks. May it be full of good food, good people, good games, and/or good times. If only one of those things, that's good enough. Have the wkend you deserve, make it happen for you. Love y'all


This is a looooong week already, but I'm fightin' like mah girlz. I hope you are too. x


Happy Birthday Shoggoth!!! Hope you have an awesome day :)


My best game ever? Easily. Team-mates fucked off in early rounds but my gurl N0kk was like "What y'all worried about?"... Shit, that was intense.


Hey folks, hope you all have an awesome weekend. Hope the year has treated you well so far, and if not, there's still a lot of time for a lot of positive, exciting things to happen. Have a great few days, Stay safe, live well, you deserve it x


Just a heads up folks that Destructoid *may* go offline for a little bit this evening for some maintenance, but we should be back in due course, have a nice evening y'all x.


I hope you all have an awesome weekend, and that you find some time for yourself and the things you love. And if your week started badly, it can still end well. Do something good for yourself, and boost those struggling to do the same. Have a good one x


Gonna spend the next hour trying to do some Persona Dancing shiznit on Twitch, if you like Persona music stop by and watch me butcher it. *edit* I was actually surprised that a handful of people showed up, thanks a lot, everyone <3


Happy Birthday Panda! I hope you have a lovely weekend. Have a great one!!


Have a great weekend everyone, if you're working, I hope its goes quickly and you get some quality time for yo'self in the evening, if you're not working, then make the most of it! Either way have fun, stay safe, and share the love, love thee x


Happy Birthday Wes! Hope you have a great day and an amazing weekend buddy, lots of love x


Celebrate John Carpenter’s Birthday by remembering the time he teamed up with his editor and the original Michael Myers to release this goofy banger...


I mentioned this in a reply earlier, but it bears repeating. Baywatch spinoff 'Baywatch Nights' was a flop. So, for season 2, they rebranded it, and had Mitch (Hasselhoff) team up with Angie Harmon (swoon) to literally fight no-budget werewolves and shit.


Happy Birthday to a good friend, Nakedbigboss, Thanks for all your support and for just being a great dood, have an amazing weekend buddy x


I got sick again, so sorry for the lackluster message, but I hope you all have an awesome wkend and that 2020 has gotten off to an amazing start. If not, thats fine too, maybe next week will be better. For now, just chill out and enjoy your time, love u x


I'm a little fed up today, and still in some sharp pain. But there's always small things for me to be positive about. The same goes for you. So if ur struggling, know we'll all get past this together, and regardless, here's to a rad weekend. Love you x


Just hitting New Year here, full message tomorrow, but for now, Happy New Year, have fun, love yourself and others, be safe, love you all x


Happy Birthday to the amazing Soulbow, I'd put a Siege picture here but YOU DON'T FUCKING PLAY IT. I still love you though. Have an amazing day.


Just a heads up that it appear Disqus is a little bust, repeating notifications and ignoring others. So yeah. Hope y'all had a good weekend. In unrelated news, yesterday was the 82nd birthday of my favourite scream queen, Barbara Steele.


Happy Birthday RiffRaff! Hope you've had a good xmas, a great week, a better wkend, a cooler day, and here's hoping for an awesome new year! Thanks a ton for sticking with us, buddy :)


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