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I bought this 35-year-old movie poster because if I gotta stay indoors forever I wanna see this shit on my walls.


Hope y'all doing ok and your week has gotten off to a neato start.


You know how you didn't ask how I rank the 007 movies? Well, here you go. It is what it is.


What a week. I hope yours went well, and whether it did or did not, I hope you have a lovely weekend. Rest and recharge when you can, share good thoughts with good people, look after yourselves, and keep pushin' Thanks for bein part of Dtoid. Love youse x


Anxiety and Depression. Really dig the way they are triggered in heartbeat and ruin your absolute everything immediately.


Hey all, hope today finds you well. Hope everyone has a restful and happy weekend. I appreciate every last one of you, thanks for sticking with us through troublesome times, and here's hoping we all come out better peeps. You're all important. Love U x


I've probably mentioned this before - I definitely have on Podtoid - but I had a really strict upbringing when it came to violent/sexy movies, and as a kid I had to keep my anime videos hidden under my bed, like it was hardcore.


OK, one more! But only because Dat Grunge Riff when it kicks in... I’m so old.


Happy Birthday to community stars Fuzunga and Renaud!! Hope you both had an awesome time, thanks for being part of this here site and hope its a good year for thee :)


Hey folks, Just a quick one to wish you all a safe and happy weekend. Be kind to yourself and those around you. I know this year is a slog, and I know its exhausting. If we all support one another and take care of ourselves, we'll see it through. Love U x


I gotta do something tomorrow that’s gonna suck and is probably gonna hurt someone’s feelings but is the right thing to do. And I dunno how to do it or how not to let my empathy get the better of me. Sorry to vaguebook, but it’s weighing on me.


Hope you all have a rad weekend. Can you Adam and Eve that it's September already? I'll offer you the key points of staying happy, healthy, and hydrated. While I'm no champ on the first two, we can all master the third. Look after yourselves, Love you x


I had blood taken today and usually I’m cool but this time I feel suuuuuper sick. Bleurgh. In other news, look at Bernie hiding in the tank.


Happy Belated Birthday to Retrofraction, thanks for all of your positive contributions to the community, glad you had a relaxing day, dude. Have a good year.


Happy Birthday to beloved community member Hlarge! Sorry to be a little late on the draw with this one, but hope you had a rad day!


Happy Birthday to a beloved Dtoid community member, Homeoftheblues! Thanks for being a part of the party, and hope you're having a delightful weekend, pal!


'In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers'. RIP.


Hey folks, Its been a tough ol' week. Having to overclock my brain CPU to deal with the... maximum settings... of... life? Anyway, times are strange for all of us, but I hope you have a happy wkend. Do something good for YOU, and be kind to others. Love u


Hope you're all doing ok, folks. I can't believe we're heading into September already. My brain is melting. Hope you have a nice day, folks <3


Hey folks, a little later than usual, but I hope things are going well for you and yours as the strange days continue. If not, never forget you are among friends here. Give yourself a break this weekend when you can and do something you deserve. Love u x


Happy Birthday to Roager! Hope you have a great day and a happy year ahead! Thanks for rolling with us!


‪There’s a hedgehog outside my house as big as a cat. Power Unit.‬


Hey folks, our CJ Andriessen has just started his AMA in the Destructoid Forums. He's a good fuckin' dude, so mebbe pop over there and drop in with a few Q's. Link in comments! Pic unrelated.


Not gonna lie, I could be doing better. But we're all in a weeeird old world right now. I know that y'all got a handle on it. Keep being good to yourself, and those around you, and have a rad, relaxing weekend. Love y'all. Be the Best x


Happy Birthday to sptesture! Hope you have a happy and rad weekend, buddy :)


How you doing? Hope y'all having a good week. A short message, but sometimes that's all it needs to be, yo.


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