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And we're at the end of another week. I hope it has been good for you, if not, maybe the weekend will brighten things up. Maybe you can MAKE the wkend brighten things up. Do something good for yourself, however small it is, find the time. Love thee x


Are you all looking forward to my podcast that I planned in January, drafted in March and haven't recorded or released the first episode of yet? I'm shit :(


Just popping in to tell Soulbow that N0KK might be my new Siege waifu. Me and the spoopy gal have hit it off swimmingly. As in, I'm not ending Attack runs as the only team member with no kills :/


I find these harder to write, but never think I dont believe in them, or mean every word. I hope that the week has been good to you, and that the wkend will be even better. You are seen, and loved. Have a rad day. Be Your Best, for yourself and others x


Happy birthday to long time community members Kerrik and GajKnight, hope you have an awesome day and an amazing year ahead. So rad to have you guys around, rad like mobile.


Happy Birthday Kerrik! Thanks for being a great community member, hope you have a wicked day!


This fortnight ain't it, chief.


It's been a week. And I know for some for you its been a very tough one. But there's always the weekend, and next week, and after that. The bad can be turned around and we'll make the good last forever. Through it all, we always got each other, right? x


Happy belated Birthday TriggerPigKing! Hope you had a great weekend and have a prosperous year ahead good buddy :)


Heatwave over. Normal British Weather has been restored. Now it’s just sticky, humid and wet, as British summer should be... I’m kinda cute tho... Hope you're having a nice weekend so far #selfiesaturday


I wont lie. Week was a disaster. Country got worse, heat was too much, plans were cancelled, we lost Rutger, my PS4 broke. That's not even everything. But I'm here. And I'm grateful for not only that, but all of you. So have a relaxing wkend, love thee


There was a sudden thunderclap at about 02:20 this morning that sounded like a fucking nuke going off. It woke me up and for a split second I genuinely thought a nearby factory had exploded. It was deafening.


I think its gonna turn out to be the hottest day in Britain ever. No hyperbole.


Britain's new Prime Minister. The man who said burqa-wearing women "look like letter boxes", referred to women in parliament as "hot totty" and compared allowing gay marriage to allowing beastiality. Just look at the fucker.


The week has started poorly. Shit’s bad an’ no foolin’ :(


Happy Birthday Hypno! Hope it's been a good one, buddy :) Remember when I drew that picture for your 20th? WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?


I don't think I've been this sleepy in a long time, but at least it's the wkend so I can sleep. Except I can't 'cos its busy... Still, Here's hoping that you all have an awesome one, filled with fun, frolics, friendship, or maybe just a nice nap. Love u x


I've lost a stone in weight (14 pounds). Im hoping its more because I've been trying hard to lose weight and not because Im ill or anything, but yay? maybe. Also, I'm super antsy this week, and that sucks. Still, nearly weekend y'all.


I'm looking forward to tagging with Lacey Evans tonight, hope we win!


a m a (Bump: Thanks for the questions, here's the answers. It's been a pretty glum week so I appreciated the distractions <3 )


Feels like this week was a fast one. Hope it went well for y'all and that you have something fun lined up for the weekend, even if just a couple of hours to yourself. Make time to do something fun, and if you can share it with someone else, even better x


Happy (belated?) Birthdays to FrostyFlakes and NinjaSpeed. Hope you both had a rad one and have an awesome and prosperous year ahead :))


Have a good day y'all. Hope you crush it, and if not, that's fine too. We can only do what we can do, after all. Have a good one.


How's the weekend going for all y'all?


Have a wonderful weekend, good people of Destructoid. I hope it's been a happy week for you and that the next couple of days are good ones, whatever you're filling your time with. Be good to folk, and accept their kindness in return. Love thee x


Happy Independence Day to my many American friends. Your country is full of wonderful, caring, warm and talented individuals, people who embody the true spirit of your nation.


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