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Fighting games are too fucking stressful. Dont get into them. Play kart racers instead


Have you noticed I used to use Party gifs, but now its usually chilling out gifs? Must be age creeping in. Regardless, I hope you all have a happy, fun and safe weekend. Play games, see friends, and never ever be afraid to be yourself. Have fun, love u x


I'm utterly in love with Aubrey Plaza, but you ain't getting me out to that Child's Play movie.


Time to watch the opening sequence of The Equalizer and then switch over to something else ‘cos the best bit’s done


I'm so tired. And it's the weekend and I have littele to say except have a very good one and I hope its fun and you're all great and do everything I wouldnt do x


It feels like it should be Friday. Hope you're all having a good week, thanks for staying tuned to us throughout E3 x


I will do everything to protect Virtua Fighter 2 style Caveira


That Bethesda audience trying to convince themselves they were excited about Battle Royale in Fallout


Im really fucking dizzy, but then I realised its nearly 4pm and Ive forgotten to eat at all today :s


It's the weekend, and for game fans (and particularly writers), shit's about to get reeeeeal busy. Bit that doesnt mean we can't all find moments for ourselves, for good food, good company, good games, whatever works. Have a happy weekend y'all, love u x


On Podtoid this week we chat about MK 11, Godzilla, Death Stranding and Captain Planet. We also answer a job lot of your community questions. Check it out if you get the time :) x


I stayed up too late and I'm exhausted. At least its the weekend. I hope that life is being good to you, and if not, then I hope you can indulge the little things, like games, food and good company, to make your weekend an awesome one. Be safe, love thee


Hope you all have a great weekend, full of laughs and happiness, or just your own small moments of pleasure. Keep on keeping on, we all have each other. Have a good one x


Theresa May leaving, to be replaced by (in all likelihood) another Tory PM that Britain didn't vote for. Still, here's a picture of Vipra from BraveStarr. I like her.


Happy Birthday Parismio!, hope you're having a wicked weekend


Happy Birthday to long time regular Rad Party God! Hope you have an awesome weekend and a great year ahead friend x


Its time for the weekend, and guess what? I want yours to be an amazing one. Have lots of fun, or get plenty of rest, or even just do one thing you truly love. Be safe, be cool, and don't be a dick. Love thee x


Happy Belated Birthdays to Sir Ninja Face. Hope you had an awesome one good buddy!


Hope y'all having a great start to the week. I've been a bit a bit quiet lately. I just don't have anything to report. And I'm tired... I'm sooo tired.


I'd like to be a part of the Twinses gig but I really can't think of anyone. And Baron Corbin being in WWE games doesn't count. I'll have a think...


And while I'm here, thanks for being part of the Dtoid community. In my heart of hearts, I think we have the best gaming site community on the interwebs, I honestly do. Thanks for sticking around and keep the place electric with your shenanigans. Love the


Week ended poorly. I feel lonely and unsupported. But we can turn this stuff around, time's flexible. As its the weekend, y'all can reflect on how its been, and use the coming days to take a step back, relax, and enjoy what you love. Have a great one x


It's the first week after Endgame dropped, I was amazed how few spoilers I saw around the net afterward and how restrained even YouTube and other social media sites were. But Holy Fucking Shit it's full on open season now.


Happy Birthday to Torch, it's neato having you around here, and here's hoping you have a great day and an amazing year ahead. Here's a cool gif from that Gundam anime you love, man x


Got my eyes looked at, massive headache now. Trie don tons of glasses but all looked like shit on me. Picked the least shit ones, should have them by weekend. Now home with eyestrain and a massive dislike of my own face, more so. Hope ur have a rad wkend


Going to the opticians tomorrow, basically guaranteed to come out with glasses. I hope I look good in them. Not quite ready to go for contact lenses just yet :s


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