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Cedi's Favorite Action Games By Subgenre

I had a lot more fun writing my blog last month where I listed and explained my favorite games by genre than I expected to have. But my guidelines for which genres I’d discuss and how I’d group them up left a lot of favorit...


Why Massive Multiplayer Raids Feel Awesome

You’re alone. Standing on the horizon is a massive, imposing enemy decimating the army before it. Swords, magic, and gunfire constantly wear it down, but the foe never seems to show any signs of stopping. You’ve prepared we...


Cedi's Favorite Games By Genre

Inspired by my fellow insect Greenhornet214, and this blog he wrote, I thought I’d take a crack at listing off some of my favorite video games throughout the years and describing what makes them my favorites. But I'm taking a dif...


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I'm a former Contributor who goes by the screen name Cedi or CediFonei on most corners of the internet! Not quite obligatory disclosure; I backed Chris Niosi's TOME RPG on Kickstarter. I really wish that wasn't the first Kickstarter game I ever backed...

I first joined the site wanting to make a name for myself as a blogger, and somehow, did so enough to get a good run as a staff member. I left the team so I could better focus on new goals in life, but I hang around the community because I've made so many great friends here. Expect me to share some less critical and more creative shenanigans in the blogs from time to time...!

As far as social media is concerned, you can find me on my personal Twitter account! Fair advice, you can expect to see a lot more of the big blue character in my banner if you check that out. Whether that's a recommendation or a warning depends. By the way, that banner is a commission by Twitter user @kaizer33226.