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Despite the fact I haven't indicated otherwise on this website for over a year, I live


A whole decade is about to end... a lot has happened, huh. I don't have any plans for a gaming-highlights-of-the-year/decade or anything like that, but I wanna bring back the New Year Resolutions blog I did last year!


Enjoying my Christmas break! I've got the rest of the year off, so I'm looking forward to diving deep into whatever I get tomorrow...!


So, I've been procrastinating a lot on NaNoWriMo. I should do some reflecting on that. But before I do, even if it takes me a little bit longer, I want to at least put some finishing touches on another chapter and share that...!


So, the medical issues I briefly mentioned in cblogs became a more serious thing. They're actually doing a lot better now that I've gotten some care, but I'm gonna keep playing it safe before I focus on developing my NaNoWriMo project again...


I think I pinpointed what feels "off" about my NaNoWriMo work so far -- I'm trying too hard to hurry the plot thinking it'll boost my word count (it's not, it's just making rushed low-quality chapters). Gonna slow down and pace myself more comfortably.


Feeling unusually tired tonight... I'd love to put more effort/time into NaNoWriMo, but body is saying "not now". I also feel like my attention span is stopping me from giving my NaNo writing the time it needs for me to be proud of it like blogs... hm...


Been trying to figure out how to challenge my creative writing gears again, and I somehow forgot that NaNoWriMo is a thing. As good of an occassion to push myself as any...!


TBH, been indecisive over what kinda project I wanna tackle next. Part of me wants a big story idea, another wants short one-offs, and other parts want to try something completely different. Chipping away at a lot of 'em, but no real focus yet... hmmm...


With the help of my coworkers at lunch, I've recently discovered the joy of deckbuilding games. As it turns out, I like a lot about deckbuilding games. I've only played a few games of Legendary why am I already so hyperfixated on looking into deckbuilding


Getting really curious about Mistover. Downloading PSN demo. Remind me to share my thoughts later~


I've postponed my next cblog long enough. Expect it around afternoon tomorrow.


I did it. I Chained the Astral. Now it's time for me to Girls the City of River.


I look away from the Banjo demonstration stream for five minutes and multiple Discord servers are exploding about Sans and Megalovania in Smash. This must be the work of Sakurai.


I've been using my spare time to work on a little something I want to share in the cblogs over the past several weeks! It still needs more work, but I think it'll be ready around... this weekend~? Keep an eye out if you like Cedi's brand of Shenanigans...


Still adjusting to Astral Chains' controls, beat File 3. I have some nitpicks like the corner-jumps that may or may not remain nitpicks as I get more used to it, but overall I'm really liking this new approach to a Platinum game...!


Alright, I've saved my other Switch voucher specifically for this occassion, I shouldn't keep putting off the fun stuff I want to do for this weekend. Time to start Astral Chain...!


For some reason I've been feeling down lately, even though I'm feeling great about work. I think it's probably the news. At least I have a long holiday weekend to help me recharge...!


It's weird contrasting how excited I was for KH3 in January versus how I feel about Disney as a whole today. Like I just can't look at the game I hyped up the most this year the same way after noticing how greedy/monopolizing Disney's business has been.


Why couldn't real life school have been as much fun as Fire Emblem Three Houses?


Lil' heads up. Starting today, I'm taking a sabbatical from writing articles for a month or two. It's something I've considered a while and discussed with the editors last week. I'll still be around the community tho, so feel free to poke me for anything!


Days like today make me wish the weekend was 3 days long instead of 2. I'm enjoying it and all, but I don't really feel "refreshed"... at least not yet.


You ever have trouble sleeping and have no idea why? Apparently despite our best efforts, neither myself nor my dad have slept well this whole week...


Just one time... just one time, Activision, I wanted to be wrong to be skeptical about your microtransaction-like cosmetics system in Crash Nitro Fueled. I see now I unwittingly made a good call in waiting rather than buying the moment I had the cash.


I've only just started Three Houses and I think I'm already hooked because I feel like playing for about 10 minutes before work today heck


Long story short, I forgot about the Switch voucher deal, realized I could actually take good advantage of it now (as opposed to when it was announced), and now I own Three Houses. PSA, those vouchers are going off of sale at the end of the month.


For some reason I'm so much happier for this weekend than usual, even though I had a pretty alright work week.


Spontaneous what-if question time: If you had an average AA game development budget and a team that shared your vision, what kind of video game would you want to create?


Now that my God of War PS4 playthrough is a while behind me, it occurs to me... Dad of Boy 2 when?


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