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Been using my long weekend to blaze a trail through Celeste! Finished the story with strawberries to spare, but there's still so much more to do. It's a strong contender for 2019's Best Games of 2018, if I do that again!


Think I'm gonna treat myself by FINALLY grabbing one of the indie games on my "to get" list. Wargroove's been on my mind for a long time, but I can't help but feel I might've forgotten something else I wanted... maybe Celeste? Any recommendations?


Bad news, guys. Starting late May, my articles will be less frequent because I got a nEW FULL-TIME JOB OFFER HECK YEAH!


If a video game doesn't have any visuals, and it's just a blank screen but there's still gameplay going on, is it still a video game?


You ever spend a weekend doing whatever you feel like, and still feel constantly tired during the whole thing?


Looking back on it... boy, was I a sucker for the toys-to-life fad. I have no shame in collecting so many figures I like, but I definitely overestimated their value. Most of these I want to keep on display, but I'm overdue for spring cleaning...


I've been trying not to get too political here, but I gotta admit, I'm impressed to see a massive AAA publisher like Dan Fornace push for legalizing awoo.


Castlevania is over 30 years old and we still don't have a game about a castle located in Pennsylvania.


Apologies for not being around as active in the community as usual. A lot's been on my mind, trying to take care of a lot of them. One of those things, helping my sis move to a new place, has gone well today!


Say, related to my last Qpost, I'm curious about something... have you ever reset an unfinished playthrough in an RPG (or similarly long game with customizable characters) just to make different gameplay decisions? If so, was it worth it?


Finally decided to restart my playthrough of Grand Kingdom. I have a habit of making way, waaaay too many characters in RPGs where you create your own parties from scratch. Having a better time focused on a smaller team, almost back to where I used to be.


Been in a bit of a slump this week. Thankfully, it looks like this weekend is gonna be a great opportunity to dive back into some games and break out of my rut a bit! Got a huge enough backlog... hmm... maybe I'll break out Dissidia NT again?


Ya know, when Nintendo announced their plans to let other studios handle their IPs more often? I never imagined they'd give indie studios that treatment. Cadence of Hyrule could be the start of an amazing trend, hopefully.


In case you're curious what the Destructoid Discord is like, the mods recently just added a Thanos emote. It's called balanceboy. I love this community.


You ever play one of those games that just... makes you constantly want to hug someone as it ramps up for its finale? I just finished one of them yesterday.


Originally I was planning on picking up Wargroove soon and DMC5 later, but DMC5's looking even better than I expected it to be. I just might flip that priority around... as much as I want to try out Wargroove, I've always preferred action games anyway...!


How could I almost miss #MonsterGirlMonday!? Here's one of my many insectoid OCs! Art is a commission done by Twitter user Kaizer33226. He's a good pal of mine, and one of my favorite artists to go to for stuff like this...!


Spontaneous question for everyone: do you care about score in arcadey games? As in, setting high scores, be it on a leaderboard or a personal record?


Last night I made the best keychain in the universe. You could even say it's the ultimate keychain.


In retrospect, I am slightly disappointed that the Pooh Keyblade in KH3 doesn't turn into a pitcher's mitt or a baseball bat. There is no more powerful weapon from the 100 Acre Wood.


In light of my post yesterday, I'm curious -- do any of you unironically love a game that you would call objectively mediocre, average, or bad? "It's so bad it's good" doesn't count!


I swear every month gives me another reason to consider boycotting YouTube entirely. Unfortunately, YouTube is my best tool for gathering trailer screens, so they kinda have my hands tied...


Just realized I almost forgot to get For Honor on PS+. How long has it been since a well-known online multiplayer game hit PSPlus, anyway? I might've missed some, but it feels like a very long time. I might play a few matches with buddies...


Oh my... that Silksong trailer. You know, giving it more thought, I SHOULD have expected a Metroidvania's expansion (well, sequel now) to add new areas, but this is FAR more than I expected. I am quite fine with HK becoming a series. Gimme more bug lore.


Nintendo Direct impressions -- a handful of neat things throughout, but Astral Chain stole the show IMO. Gimme more of that Platinum goodness.


Kingdom Hearts III was actually a Tangled advertisement campaign this whole time. And I think it worked, cuz I keep thinking about watching it ever since I beat the Kingdom of Corona.


Normally I don't take video game mechanic logic so literally, but it's starting to weird me out a bit how Sora is so excited to use leftover takeout meat as cuisine ingredients.


I finally did it. I achieved immunity to Kingdom Hearts III spoilers without being exposed to spoilers in the first place.


Nearing the end of all of the trailer revealed worlds in KH3. As of this moment, Monstropolis is my favorite, with San Fransokyo and Toy Box neck and neck for second, but I got a lot of revisiting and completion to do when I have the time to go back!


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