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I did not expect to love Mario+Rabbids the way I do. The gameplay seems obvious on the surface but the execution is truly polished. Also, if anyone’s wondering about the Switch Lite D-Pad, I just beat Celeste and it was way more comfortable than the PS4


Look no further, here's the next 10 characters for Smash Ultimate. Crash, Sora, Geno, Lloyd Irving, Ryu Hayabusa, Rayman, Lara Croft, Travis Touchdown, Chrono, Waluigi, Sephiroth.


Man, I really tempted to go Xbox for my next gen investment simply because the leader is so damn good now


The more I hear this game's OST, the more I start to think that it may have one of the most impressive soundtracks in Nintendo history. Shamefully, I haven't even played it!


Just picked up Yooka Laylee and the impossible lair for my Switch and I honestly forgot what a Rare game felt like. Amazing game.


Just a reminder as to how great No More Heroes was


For some reason it makes me kinda sad that instead of comparing the game to the original Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, a platforming gameplay style they literally invented, reviewers are somewhat claiming that Playtonic copied Retro Studio's game


Aw man I really hope Nintendo or Square Enix absorbs AlphaDream


Heads up: Found this random game named Membrane on the Nintendo eshop for 12 cents CAD. Not a bad looking game for a 99% discount.


Finally got around to messing around with Hyrule Warriors and I had no idea that Linkle wasn’t just some fan creation. What a cool character


Heads up: Final Fantasy X Remaster on Nintendo Switch is 39.99 CAD on Amazon.ca https://www.amazon.ca/Final-Fantasy-X-2-HD-Remaster/dp/B07K2Y2JQT/ref=sr%20?keywords=final+fantasy+x&qid=1568754179&s=videogames&sr=1-3


There's an alternate timeline where this remake exists


You just woke up and you’re back in the year 2002


I don't know if this'll mean anything to anyone but I found a rare video on Youtube that appears to have the music from Super Mario RPG uncompressed!


I’m officially starting one of my goals of making an NES game. Wish me luck


The Switch is becoming an absolute beast. It’s like SNES all over again in some ways


I think it’s high time Nintendo buy out Platinum Games and make a sequel to F-Zero


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that I’ve waited forever to come out but I barely remember that it exists for some reason.


Heads up, all three Danganronpa are 20 bucks CAD on Steam right now


Uh oh, may have to go back and complete the Trails in the Sky trilogy first