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Mortal Kombat Answers... Today?

The timer is running out on the countdown clock on noob.com. Assuming the teasers are correct that today will be the day that some details (and maybe even a hands on build??) will be unveiled about the next installment of Mortal Kombat, "next gen style".

How willing am I to believe that this game will be what Ed Boon claimed a while back: all new, new characters, new stories, etc? Ehhh...

The last game, Mortal Kombat Armageddon was that. Armageddon on the gamer. A broken game to no end. And an unglorious way for the series to go out on the last gen systems. The game tried to harken back to Trilogy with the insane number of characters to select (everyone in the MK universe, as Trilogy did with including everyone that had been in a MK game up to that point). But the game was slow and uninspiring.

An idea Midway should have taken to heart was what is happening with other stories 2D franchises, like King of Fighters. Take this series back to 2D. Let the 3D world be for who is good at it: Virtua Fighter, Tekken and Soul Caliber (though I have never been a Soul Caliber fan). The releases of UMK3 on the DS and Live and MK 2 on the PSN have gone over well. Take a hint and take Mortal Kombat back to where it really lived.

Mortal Kombat, as a series, was never the same once MK4 came about. Deception and Deadly Alliance were okay forays into the 3D, but nothing compared to the glory of Ultimate. Or, maybe, that's just the nostalgia in my head?

I know going back 2D probably wont happen, but a brotha can always have the audacity of hope.

More to come once Midway's events are over.
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