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Trading with Funktastic. An epic tale.

Destructoid has an amazing community. I know this, you know this and I'm guessing anyone who visits this site know's this. We have seen the D-Toid community come together to help each other out, donate money and give without question.

Today I will share with you yet another reason why the Destructoid community is so amazing. Today I received a package from Funk and I was not prepared to handle the awesomeness that was contained inside.

Be warned though, this post will be very image heavy.

This is the box that arrived. Innocent looking enough. Your standard box to mail stuff in, but it was what was inside that made it so awesome.

Ohhhh....what could be inside? Bread maybe? Maple Syrup? An exotic animal? Let's find out....

Apparently I had to open the box where the arrows indicated. I wasn't sure why but I can tell you that there was no leakage so I felt good about making the first cut.

I wanted to be safe so I used a fairly large knife....

Just as I suspected.......Bubble Wrap.

But wait!!! There was something behind the bubble wrap!!!!

A letter! Written by Funk himself. And look, it's a drawing of his favorite character, Domo-Kun.

The first item.

It's a Far Cry 2 Faceplate for the Xbox 360! Pretty sweet since the only other faceplate I have is the Bioshock 2 one that came with the special edition.

Ohhhhhh........a bubble wrapped package of sorts...what could be inside?

Ninja Gaiden I & II for the NES! Hell yea! I loves me some old school NES action. And look what else was with it, Star Fox, Wanderers from Y's III and Breath of Fire for the SNES! Truly awesome classic gaming right here folks.

This little gem was also in the bubble wrapped package. The Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition for the Nintendo Gamecube. I've been wanting this for a while and I know what I'll be playing this week.

Once I was done with the bubble wrapped package I found these three items:

The manual for Starfox and Majora's Mask...oh and look since Funk sent me the manual for Majora's Mask he also sent the game!

Now I figured that surely this was it, the end of the line and the last item in the box. Boy was I wrong...

A green bag! A green FANGAMER bag! oh wait a minute, looks like something's in there...

My girlfriend said that this pic looked like looking in to a frogs butt...Yea, a frogs butt with awesome gaming stuff in it!

Here we have the contents of said frog butt bag:

Deca Sports hand wraps

Spectrobes stylus

Wii Sports Resort mini Frisbee

Capcom 15th Anniversary Mega Man bobble head pin (there were actually 2 included)

Mario Kart Wii guide

Red Dead Redemption and Rockstar stickers and a Bayonetta temporary tattoo

Rooms: The Main Building sliding puzzle

Kingdom Hearts postcards x's 4

Deca Sports banner thing

Halo wall graffix

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and Forza Motorsport 3 promotional cards

Katamari 3D card

Pure and Facebreaker demo discs

Tekken 5 Limited Edition Laser Cell

Metroid Trilogy Promotional foldout (which is pretty dang sweet)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game sleeve with autographs

How on EARTH could have I forgot to add these!?!

Damn right! Post-It's!! And not just any Post-It's, oh no these are Personal Trainer Post-It's!

That was everything that was inside of the green bag. Phew, that was quite a lot eh? Oh but wait, let's take another look inside the box....

Now what could that be?

Oh look! It's a Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver tote bag! Nice!

Hey wait a minute though, wasn't there something on the side of the box...why yes, yes there was.

The last item in the box was this, a piece of amazing Darksiders artwork which will be promptly framed and hanged on my wall!

Well damn, I don't know about you but that Funk is one hell of a guy. Look at all that swag and what not! Now Funk didn't have to do all of this, he could have easily just sent me a couple of games that I had requested off of his list and I would have been more than happy but then that wouldn't be Funk and that is what makes the D-toid community so awesome.

Thanks Funk, I'll be busy tonight figuring out where to put all of this great stuff, and if I see any wicked Domo stuff I'll send it straight away.

Thanks again, Chilly.
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