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Chi-Guy's Resident Evil: Revelations Review w/tips


As a longtime Resident Evil fan, I must admit I was doubtful about how much enjoyment I would get out of Resident Evil: Revelations. Traditionally, the series hasnít enjoyed much success with the games outside the numbered series. Making the game a 3DS only title, increased my doubts. The demo of the game brought me some hope. With the inclusion of my favorite Resident Evil veteran, Jill Valentine, as the lead, I decided to give the game a chance.

The story is typical Resident Evil. There is a terrorist organization who has obtained a new type of virus, and you must stop them from unleashing it on the rest of the world. I didnít find it very engaging or interesting, and the inclusion of many protagonists can make it a little hard to follow.

The game is graphically impressive and the 3D is implemented well. I havenít played many recent handheld games, but I felt the cut-scenes looked amazing given the technical restrictions. There are some frame rate issues when large groups of enemies (typically four or more) enter the screen, and when there are large explosions. When it happens, the instances are brief, and I didnít encounter many. Players are likely to find the load times more irritating. The game masks the loading of a new area with drawn out opening of doors and elevator rides. Since you are almost always with a partner during these moments, Capcom should have added some banter between the characters similar to the original Mass Effect. While annoying, these situations are likely unavoidable when including this much content on a 3DS game.

Coming from someone who feels uncomfortable playing a shooter on a handheld, the controls work very well. The movement can be a bit awkward at times, but the aiming is tight, similar to recent Resident Evil games. Make sure you search the options if you prefer the traditional over the shoulder aiming over first person, as it is a bit hidden. My only issue with the controls was that my thumb would sometimes accidently hit the A button resulting in a premature herb use.

Besides the traditional survival horror search methods, herbs and ammo can be found by scanning the environment with your Genesis Scanning Tool. Aim the scanner just as you would any gun in the game to survey the environment, and you will often find extra resources. Enemies can also be scanned. When scanning enemies there is a percentage displayed at the top of the screen, scan enemies to get it to 100%, and you will be rewarded with one green herb. There are no other herbs in the game, green herbs will give you a full heal. Scan enemies before you kill them to garner more percentage points, and scan bosses for even larger numbers.

When compared to the rest of the Resident Evil series, this game doesnít offer much in terms of boss encounters. There are only a handful of bosses in the game, and most arenít very memorable. T-Abyss virus introduces players to a whole new lot of enemies, requiring the player to utilize different strategies to engage them, some classic enemies also make their return. The bosses are often overshadowed by the moments requiring you to fight off waves of enemies. These moments reminded me of the Resident Evil 4 opening village sequence. Resources are limited and enemies are abundant during these situations. Be mindful of these moments while playing. You may find yourself feeling like you have an abundance of ammo and herbs, only to walk away from the next section with next to nothing.

Resident Evil has seen a large departure in the seriesí most recent games from the original formula. While the majority of the changes are accepted among the fans, the common complaint of the current iterations is the lack of fear. It is unlikely that you will find yourself terrified to turn the next corner as in Resident Evil 1 or 2, but you will be jumping, and finding yourself tensed up, more often than you may expect.

Aside from the campaign, Revelations introduces Raid Mode to the series. In this mode, the player fights through stages set in campaign environments to level up his or her profile to gain new guns and upgrades. Enemies in this mode are familiar with a new twist. You may encounter larger forms of enemies having more health and dealing more damage, or smaller forms that have faster move speeds (I found the little versions of enemies particularly frightening). You can unlock and play as various characters from the campaign in this mode, and team up with a friend in co-op. I found the mode to be a lot of fun especially with a friend, Iíd like to see it implemented in upcoming Resident Evil titles.

Revelations is truly a full-fledged Resident Evil game. The campaign of the game clocks in at around ten hours, and the Raid Mode can add much more. This title matches up well with the rest of the games in the series. If you are an owner of a 3DS, and are either a Resident Evil fan, or just someone looking for a mature game for your 3DS, this game is for you. I beseech any fan of this genre to let Resident Evil: Revelations take you on a voyage into the new depths of survival horror.
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