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Live CAGcast Starts Now(ish)!

We are going live once again, this time on NowLive.com. Show time is TONIGHT 12/5, at 8pm EST, 5pm PST. Just head right here on Wednesday night to listen in. The chat room will be open for a pre-show chat before the main event. If you wan...


Xbox 360 Towel Trick vs. CheapyD

We all know about the 3 year warranty, but perhaps you have a fear of cardboard boxes. Maybe you live in Japan and have a broken USA Xbox 360 and international shipping would be cost prohibitive. This technique could keep your 360 going unt...


Vote CAGcast for 2007 Podcast Awards...or Else!

Hi, you might remember me from such websites as CheapAssGamer.com and ChunkyAsses.com. Today, I am here to ask for your support in the inevitable Race War that will be upon us in the near future. However, before you sign up under Bald Wh...


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You may remember me from such websites as Cheap Ass Gamer and such podcasts as the CAGcast