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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII leaked Gameplay Pays Tribute To ‘YRP’

Ahh- the beauty of having a smart phone and or digital camera on hand and access to a roaming internet connection.

On the floor at Square Enix’s demo booths some guy was trying out a playable demo for Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII; he also though to record it and upload it to Youtube for the rest of the world to revel in.

For those of you who are keen to keep yourself spoiler free I would advise not watching this:


[justify]I know there’s a lot to dissect just from that little bit of footage, and I’m sure those of you excited for this game may well do so, but my interest –and focus- is purely in the new and updated ‘dress sphere’ system.[/justify]

Don’t argue with that statement, it’s blatantly true!

You can clearly see at 1:44 a feather flourish adornment attached to Lightning’s belt that looks not too dissimilar to Yuna’s in X-2. Still don’t believe me? Then compare it to this photo of Yuna from X-2:

I can’t imagine it’s actually going to take this much to convince anyone but just in case; check out the end battle pose at 1:47 –yeah the pose that is a completely uncharacteristic Lightning pose- is clearly evocative of Yuna’s pose when changing out of her ‘Gunner Dress’ only minus the gun. And just to labour the point further here’s another video for you to cross-reference with my assertions!

Jump to 0:12 and on wards.



Even the ‘Dark Muse’ evokes motifs very reminiscent of Paine’s over all combat style and look; the leather chaps/mini skirt/buckle combination.

It’s also at this point in Lightning’s over long career that we can truly appreciate how similar Lightning really is to Paine (or, if Lightning is a female version of Cloud, then Paine is the female version of Squall).

Here’s an in game rendering of Paine during combat. Notice how the pose struck indicates a lack of ‘giving two shits’. And who could with all those leg buckles and belts!

Feeling as though Square Enix are now fully aware of how ridiculous FFXIII is as a series (not likely), and are therefore taking things a little less seriously with the last and upcoming instalment, I’m happy to announce that I denounce the chosen name ‘Schema’ in favour of more accurate name. DRESS SPHERE’S, BABY!

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