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Rage: Consequenses of Failure


There are two mistakes I have made out of pure, visceral rage while playing video games. The first is breaking a TV by pulling it off of my dresser. In my defense, I didn't mean to, I just wanted to pretend to do it and got caught up in the spirit. The second, and the most idiotic thing I have ever done, was deleting my 200 hour Dark Souls 3 character because I couldn’t beat Pontiff Sulyvahn on NG+8. I mean he was perfect. He could use nearly all weapons, miracles, spells, and pyromancy without going to that wormy bitch. Indeed, there have been many instances of uncharacteristic anger suddenly flowing through my body like Atreus, also known as Boy, before [REDACTED].

So why can gamers as a whole relate to everything I just said above in their own personal ways? Why are we furious whenever we make a simple mistake that costs us our precious K/D or Souls/Blood Echoes? It’s because of our fear of failure. We fail in school, work, cooking, pregnancy, and even giving our pets their medicine. Whenever we see witness these failures we tend to grow angrier and angrier, for failure, in society’s eyes, is the ultimate shame. However, I wish to pose a counter argument to this idea: failure is a learning experience.

This may be obvious to some of you, and I expect the comments to be full of toxic remarks and insults directed at my chosen sexuality, but hear me out. Because I am a FromSoftware fanboy, I will use Dark Souls as an example. In the Souls Series, your main currency for leveling and purchasing goods are the souls of your defeated enemies.  They kind of just flow out of them as you cut the punks down. Furthermore, bosses have special souls that can be forged into special weapons by certain characters. The Souls Series is typically seen as one of the hardest franchises in video gaming, though truly it isn’t, because of constant failure. Say you are in the middle of a boss fight with a bullshit, hitbox destroyer such as Aldrich, Devourer of the Gods. On your first few attempts you will be hit with the overwhelming urge to toss your controller onto the nearest highway like my boss did with a bowl one time. He was in front of several customers. Funny story, he actually was in the storage area on the back porch of the restaurant and something hit him in the face, so he then proceeded to throw shit all over and scream like a child. Then he looked up and saw some old lady smiling at him and she said “Happy Easter!” Funniest shit I ever didn’t see. Anyway, don’t throw your controller, instead use it as a lesson. Whenever you miss that roll after he launches a bunch of arrows at you from above and they track you all over the map, just set the controller down, take a deep breath and study your failure. Why did you miss that dodge? Why is the boss bullshit? Why did your mother leave? Things like that.

Just like in video games, learning from failure should be used in real life. I know this post is a bit low quality, but my dog is in the vet and I’m bored.

Hey, thanks for reading.

- Jacket did nothing wrong.

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