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Schrodinger's Final Fantasy

I didn’t want to see that awesome Ramuh summon.  It was the faintest meow leaking from the box.  My experiment is forever tainted with a shred of hope.  Final Fantasy XV deserves to be treated, by going in blind. &...


Soothing Menthol Games

Every time I turn on the most recent dosage of Hotline i’m left feeling jacked.  There is a testosterone release that cranks up the machismo, something akin to the first time watching 300 or Rambo.  Like a gym rat who j...


Criss Cross Applesauce.

There has been some grief in the air over the recently announced DLC inclusion of Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees into Mortal Kombat X.  There seem to be three main camps, those annoyed with pre release dlc announcements on...


Oblitus Review

Spear Chucking Simulator 2015 After Volgar the Viking, Adult Swim Games proved they are out to publish the interesting and the inspired.  Oblitus for all its pratfalls definitely checks both those boxes.  Now if only the Harb...


Dictation numero tres

It’s a bright and warm spring day you friendly hentai consumers.  Plug your audio device up and get ready for some poorly edited news content in bad joke form. Haha! What a ridiculous premise for a show, two white geek...


Dark Arena or Darkest Arena?

Warhammer 40k has always held a twinkle in my eye.  As a preteen, a school friend had invited me over for a slumber party.  His middle class parents had showered their only child in every toy he could  have ever wanted. ...


Cut Scenes, A Comparison

Cutscenes.  Which on paper sound like horrible additions to video games.  Games have one thing for them that no other art form can touch, Interactivity.  Cut scenes take out the strongest part of gaming and turn it into ...


It's short, It's unfulfiling!

It's the best I can do. Destructoid used to have a pretty cool little news show. We went to school to learn how to run a news station. Now I pull wire, and Ian is a mechanic, and we're trying to prove we didn't waste those formatitive ...


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