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"FINISH HIM!" Sega's Chance To Rise Yet Again!

JS\DKCJSDLOCSJDVKFNKV... Sorry, I just had to wipe my keyboard with a cloth because of the drool that I dripped all over it after reading the leaked Sega document. I must say, if this is true, which i think it is, then this is Sega's big chance! Their Excalibur, or maybe, their Soul Calibur!? :O
I myself was raised a Sega kid. My older brother bought Sega's line of consoles as we were growing up. Megadrive, Saturn & Dreamcast were all in my household on each owns day of release. So you could imagine I contemplated doing a backflip off my balcony when we heard Sega was to stop all hardware development. However, I soon came to accepting their logical decision.

Now we stand at this next turning point, with Sega about to sink their blue teeth into the PS3 with the possibility of Dreamcast games being released on the beast. Does this mean they can do what they see fit with the whole Dreamcast library? Or only the games they developed? I is not sure. What I do believe however, is that this is a chance for them to really blow the dolphins out of the sea. A thought crossed my mind: If they was to bundle Shenmue 1 & 2, onto one BlueRay Disc, (it wouldnt even need to be double layered) and released it for the ps3? Oh but wait, i just remembered it's going to be digital Dreamcast titles, so that means they will be releasing them via PSN? Still possible. BAM! Shenmue 1 on PSN, a month or two later, BAM! Shenmue 2 on PSN. Then, people who missed the legend of a game that is Shenmue, will be able to play and enjoy it. Can anyone guess the next step?

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