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The Switch is switched on


The Nintendo Switch is running amok on the sales front. Here's a recap of some fun facts that have come to light in the past few months:

→ Two-thirds of September game hardware sales were comprised of Nintendo products (Switch, 3DS, SNES Classic), according to The NPD Group.

→ US sales of the Switch alone have topped 2 million units to date (check out the included graph).

→ By the end of June, the Switch had already sold 4.7 million units, a number that has surely exceeded 5 million and is likely pushing 8~9 million where we stand four months later.

→ In the same period, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold 3.47 million units. This is beastly from a profit perspective, since the game is essentially a ported Wii U title running at full retail price. I would love to see the margin on that one. Also, lifetime Breath of the Wild sales reached 3.92 million by the end of June.

→ Monthly production has been increased to two million units to meet demand; tracking to 15~20 million units sold in the first year of the console's life.

These sales figures are in spite of fairly obstructive supply issues, making it difficult to clearly assess what the iceberg of demand looks like, but I'm excited for the bright future of this slick little number and pleased that I bit the bullet and picked one up the other week.

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