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Team Rocket invades Southern Japan


Southern Japan's Saga Prefecture has partnered with Team Rocket for a big "Sagaprise" next month. 🦄

On what appears to be the prefecture's official website at first glance, Meowth can be seen lurking above a pink button that reads...

→ "Those interested in becoming a Team Rocket member, click here".

Go ahead and see what happens if you click the button. 

ANN also reported on this, stating that "Team Rocket is looking to attract 10 million people even though the population of Saga Prefecture is only 820,000. The website seems to reference the Saga International Balloon Fiesta, which will be held from November 1-5."

I'd like to add that a note in the bottom right-hand corner of the memo indicates that Team Rocket's intent is to...

→ "Get all of the guests' Pokemon".

Well, naturally.

It's great to see another cool Pokemon collaboration in Japan this year, not to mention I wish I had the time to attend the Balloon Fiesta which looks fantastic even without the Rocket antics. 😃



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