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Here's why Nintendo Labo will be a runaway success.


Hey everyone, what do you think of Nintendo Labo?

I think it's a brilliant concept for the following reasons.

Firstly, as a product living in the magical realm where real world play meets video game play, I see so much potential for Labo as a link between kids and parents who are into games but also find a lot of value in doing crafts together and interacting in a more physical way than can be achieved with video games. This is a pretty obvious insight that’s apparent in the design of the product itself as well as Nintendo’s marketing for it, but regardless of how obvious this is, the potential to generate mass appeal for the Switch as a connector between family members can’t be stressed enough.

Imagine a mother/father who has no interest in video games, but whose family has a Switch in the house that the kids and dad/mom play together. Well, now there’s a way to connect with the family and bring everyone closer together. Not just a game device, but something that reaches beyond the game world to pull in parents and family members reluctantly lurking on the periphery. The concept brings back memories of the Wii's mass appeal, doesn't it?

Video above with more of my thoughts on the subject.

However, Nintendo has not only come up with an imaginative and interesting set of accessories for the Switch that has the potential to further increase the system's profile as a household item, but from a production and distribution perspective, the very design of the Labo products ensures that they can enjoy considerably more modest shipping costs than comparable pre-built plastic accessories would allow (similar to what IKEA has done with their flat-packed DIY furniture), let alone the fact that the Toy-Con’s cardboard sheets are surely very cheap to produce and the potential to expand the lineup year-over-year is virtually limitless. At $69.99 for the Variety Kit, $79.99 for the Robot Kit, the margin on these things will be significant.

Mmmm. Flat-packing.


I also think that, as far as toys go, the potential is much greater than the Amiibo lineup, because while that series of toys merely meshed a physical product with fairly basic in-game unlockable content, Labo represents a sort of polyamorous marriage between not just physical product and game concept, but also with the world outside the game, which was never a focus of the Amiibo line. This is the same space that the Wii thrived in - the place where gameplay and reality meet, and for that reason I think this is going to be a huge hit with consumers, all the while giving Nintendo a cheap and easy-to-produce product with a thick profit margin.

In short, I'm really looking forward to seeing how Labo performs.

How about all of you? What are your thoughts on Labo?



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