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FFXV's final "Active Time Report" slated for November 29th


"For all those who have supported us from before the game's release until now, here is a one year anniversary broadcast expressing our heartfelt gratitude."

Get ready for one last "Active Time Report"; the final episode of a series of Square Enix broadcasts that has featured key FFXV team members discussing various aspects of the game and presenting new information about it along the way.

These broadcasts kicked off well before the game's release and have been a hit with fans.

☆This broadcast will begin with a long-awaited presentation of the aggregated results of the survey included in a previous FFXV update that asked players what DLC content they would like to see the most. In addition to discussion around Comrade and Episode Ignis, it's hinted that other information could make it into the broadcast. I wonder what it could be about?

The final ATR will be helmed by:

- FFXV Director Hajime Tabata
- FFXV Development Manager Taisuke Ooe
- FFXV Episode Ignis Director Takeshi Terada
- FFXV Comrade Director Kazuya Takahashi
- Square Enix Marketing Manager Akio Oofuji

Well, that's quite the cast, and it'll be interesting to hear what they have to say! (^^)


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