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About the Majora's Mask manga...


I recently picked up this Majora's Mask manga which originally came out in Japan in 2001 around the time of the game's Japanese release, and it is indeed interesting for a number of reasons.

I talk about several of the differences between the game and manga in the video below, as well as the interesting original side story it includes regarding the origins of Majora's Mask itself.

Here I've also jotted down some of my thoughts on the handling of the adaptation itself.

In short, I really dig most of the Zelda manga that have been released over the years (many of the major releases have made it overseas to my knowledge). Of all of them, I'd say that the Link's Awakening tale is probably my favourite, so I'll compare this one to it for ease of discussion.

I found that the Link’s Awakening manga brought a lot of additional value to the game because it fleshed out the story in new ways, particularly with regard to Link and Marin’s relationship and Link's experience of what was unfolding around him. By comparison, apart from the additional side story in the Majora's Mask manga, I think it leaves a little to be desired in terms of value-added compared to that sexy beast that is the Link's Awakening manga. It moves at a wickedly fast clip in order to squeeze everything into a single volume, but the wide range of characters, side quests, and generally much bigger story in Majora's Mask lend themselves to a significantly longer manga to do the game justice in my opinion. Even Link's Awakening received two volumes, and the base story was obviously much more scant than what we received in the Zelda games for N64. As a result, the story is blasted through at a pace that pretty much allows one page apiece for the major boss fights and basically no room at all for any character development.

On the plus side, the art is generally quite compelling, and the additional side story, while not in the series canon, is a neat take on the events preceding Link's quest in Termina, so if you’re a fan of Majora's Mask, you’ll dig this regardless of the lickety split pacing. Akira Himekawa (a duo of female writers writing under a pen name) has handled most of the major Zelda comics, and this one does have a place on your shelf if you’re a big Zelda guru and want to glide through a quick refresher of the game’s main events along with a few different angles into the story. It just leaves a lot on the cutting room floor, which is a shame.


You can’t deny how sexy that cover looks, though. Mmm.

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