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How Pokémon changed my life forever.

When I was young, I was shy to the point where I’d hide behind my mom when we went places, and sometimes at school I’d hide in a bush or behind a door at recess and lunch because I scared about playing with the other kids i...


Here's why Nintendo Labo will be a runaway success.

Hey everyone, what do you think of Nintendo Labo? I think it's a brilliant concept for the following reasons. Firstly, as a product living in the magical realm where real world play meets video game play, I see so much potential for La...


About the Majora's Mask manga...

I recently picked up this Majora's Mask manga which originally came out in Japan in 2001 around the time of the game's Japanese release, and it is indeed interesting for a number of reasons. I talk about several of the differences betw...


Your all-time favourite game.

                        What is your all-time favourite game? Why was it great?   This is a really difficult question, but for me it would have to be Pokemon Red, n...


K.K. Slider confirmed to be an exhibitionist

As an inspired young animal says in the accompanying image, "I'm going to challenge myself a bit too! First, I'll have to get naked like K.K. Slider..." At last, K.K.'s shameless nude performances have been acknowledged for what they a...


Pokemon series cracks 300 million units shipped

The Pokemon franchise hit a new milestone this month, cracking over 300 million software units shipped of its roster of 76 games (including spin-offs). That's a big number. For comparison, the Grand Theft Auto series has shipped over 2...


The Switch is switched on

The Nintendo Switch is running amok on the sales front. Here's a recap of some fun facts that have come to light in the past few months: → Two-thirds of September game hardware sales were comprised of Nintendo products (Switch, 3...


Team Rocket invades Southern Japan

Southern Japan's Saga Prefecture has partnered with Team Rocket for a big "Sagaprise" next month. 🦄 On what appears to be the prefecture's official website at first glance, Meowth can be seen lurking above a pink button that r...


Japanese rental chain Tsutaya closing stores

    According to the article in linked to below, in just two months, Japanese book / DVD / CD / game rental and sales chain Tsutaya has closed over 29 shops across Japan. Wowzers. Now on to my thoughts on this spankfest. In...


Genji: Fact, Fiction & the Reality of the Samurai

Ever since the embarrassing demonstration of Genji II at Sony's E3 2006 press conference (brilliant conference recap here), the Genji series has become a pincushion for jokes about historical accuracy in video games. Well, today I'm going t...


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