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Team Rocket invades Southern Japan

Southern Japan's Saga Prefecture has partnered with Team Rocket for a big "Sagaprise" next month. 🦄 On what appears to be the prefecture's official website at first glance, Meowth can be seen lurking above a pink button that r...


Japanese rental chain Tsutaya closing stores

    According to the article in linked to below, in just two months, Japanese book / DVD / CD / game rental and sales chain Tsutaya has closed over 29 shops across Japan. Wowzers. Now on to my thoughts on this spankfest. In...


Genji: Fact, Fiction & the Reality of the Samurai

Ever since the embarrassing demonstration of Genji II at Sony's E3 2006 press conference (brilliant conference recap here), the Genji series has become a pincushion for jokes about historical accuracy in video games. Well, today I'm going t...


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