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Thoughts on/in Video Game Depression

Thanks to this video I have started examining my own journey through a sort of depression. Now I get that my life isn't really that bad, but as a recent grad struggling to find a job in a field I want to, and trying to find motivation to ...


PCism - Why we demand constant content updates

It is one thing to expect a developer to come into games after release and fix bugs that were in games. It is another thing completely to expect them to continue generating content for the game continuously after release (Minecraft). At som...


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At 23 years old, freshly out of college, I moved to a suburb of Portland Oregon. I am an avid gamer and I got into streaming not that long ago. I have a Twitch account along with Twitter and Youtube which you should check out.

My friends and I, aka The Pork Truck (yes it is a weird name) play games together almost every day. We play MMORPGs, FPS, RTS, TBS, regular RPGs, and almost anything other type except racing....well one of our friends is really into it. We are all very chill and a fun bunch.