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YouTube Growth

If you're like me and have a YouTube channel that you strive to maintain and grow, then you know the struggles of actually doing that. I have a channel that has all kinds of gaming videos and not too long ago I deleted all of my previous ...


Improvement: Dead Island

Before this game came out and all we had seen was the heartbreaking CGI debut trailer almost everyone was excited for Dead Island. I remember reading a write-up on Joystiq, because I have an Android and don't get the Dtoid app (hint hint)...


That Awkward First Blog

Hello everyone, my name is Jack but you can call me Chaos. I used to be a member of the Dtoid community but time passed since then and I wanted to start fresh. Now would be a great time to read the words directly to the right, but to save t...


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Hello everyone, my name is Jack but you can still with the Dtoid handle of ChaosTheSniper. I'm 18 years old from Buffalo and have been a gamer since I could pick up a controller. As I got older I became more interested in story-driven games and the difficulty of making a game connect with the player. So I'm aiming to focus on writing in college and hope to write for games as a career. I am a "Halo Fanboy" only in the sense that I think the universe (games, novels, comics) is rich and intriguing. Outside of that I am a huge fan of multiplayer games. I record gameplays and upload them to YouTube, hoping that people can realize I strive to be above the common gameplay/commentary cliche. And that's about it. Let's play games some time.

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