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About Me!

Well I decided to start a weekly or so blog so my first entry will be about myself. I Live in Canada and I am currently attending Seneca College for the CPA( Computer Programming and Analysis) advanced diploma. From there I will either try...


About Chaos Mageone of us since 2:35 PM on 03.07.2008

I am from Canada and have been a "hardcore" gamer since I was around 13.

My favorite games genres are: role playing games(Fina; Fantasy, Legend of Dragoon, Valkyria Chronicles, Diablo 2), real time strategy(Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, Warcraft III), shooters(Killzone, Halo, Call of Duty), and action adventure(God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Assassins Creed).

My favorite downloadable games are: Castle Crashers, Flower, Crystal Defenders.

Games I am currently playing:
League of Legends(Pwnzarius)
Dawn of War 2/Chaos Rising

My Game Deets:

Steam: Pwnzarius
Battle.Net: Pwnzarius(Usually online when playing with friends)