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BaltiNARP (Friday night)


That's the first thing I saw when I approached the neighborhood.

People who came so far: JTIceFire, Nanashi, Tino, Cataract, Topher, The Lovely Adam Dork and his Lovely Ladyfriend

From what I can remember:
- Procyon's place is really freakin' cool. It could only be made better if it were either a hobbit hole for human sized people or some crazy ass Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.
- He's also got a very pretty and friendly dog. And I'm normally terrified of dogs that can't fit on my lap.
- Autopiloting on Lumines while telling silly stories.
- I am the king of the Mario Party Wii fap games.
- "These brownies taste good, but the bacon needs to be crispier." (it's still a work in progress, but I will perfect these by December)
- 3 person Moonwalker is definitely worth 15 minutes of your time, especially for the robots and dance bombs.
- Adam Dork looks like a lumberjack. He also sounds like a chainsaw when he sleeps.

Flickr album to be updated later today, but here's a start. Will get around to pics of the inside when gaming occurs and more people are awake. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the area!
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