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How Valentine's Day was different for me at 2011...

I've lived 25 Valentine's Days since the day I was born... Of course I've been conscious of such date like 19 of them. Many iterations of such date I hated it, mostly because I think it's a Holiday invented by plushies and greeting cards ...


Inedit Rhythm Heaven boxset

Since the day of the US release of Rhythm Tengoku Gold news, a friend of mine and I have several thoughts. First, we were happy that one of the greatest musical (and DS) games was going to make it to the US (and Mexico). But on the other s...


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Why would you like to know about me? I'm just a gamer like everybody else. I have a social life and I enjoy videogames so much that the rest of my non-gamer colleagues think I'm crazy.

Oh, and by the way, I'm Mexican and 28...er, I mean 34. I'm 34 years old in 2019.